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Quemoy International Music Festival Hosts Concerts on Two Consecutive Nights Staring from Tomorrow

Quemoy International Music Festival Hosts Concerts on Two Consecutive Nights Staring from Tomorrow
Reporter: Li Jin-Ciang / Jinning
A fun and busy weekend is approaching! 2017 Quemoy International Music Festival will be hosting two consecutive concerts this Saturday and Sunday at Houhu Seaside Park. The talented Judy Zhou (Zhou Ding Wei) will headline in the 16th concert of Quemoy International Music Festival tomorrow evening. Bands such as “Snowy Melody,” “ARSU,” and “The GatesS” will perform American rock-and-roll infused with a post-modern style that delivers to the audience a brand-new music experience. The concert on Sunday evening is a bonus show before the festival’s grand finale and features Jia Wu, a band that always rocks the stage and excites the audience; Neci & Ken, the award-winning duo who has been invited to numerous music shows; Bacon Slap, a unique 3-person Taiwanese funk band; Coastal Kanpai, who demonstrates their manhood with rock-and-roll music in Taiwanese; and the new rising composer-singer, Li Ruo-Han. The concert will present performances of various music genres: popular rock-and-roll, Taiwanese rock-and-roll, and Taiwanese funk. The concert starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm. Everyone is invited to enjoy an evening with great music.
The organizer of the music festival has arranged shuttle buses between Jincheng/Shanwai Station and the event venue in Houhu on August 26th to provide a convenient commute for tourists and students attending the musical festival. From 3pm until 9:30pm, the shuttles buses depart from Jincheng and Shanwai Station at the top of the hour, and depart from Houhu Seaside Park at the bottom of the hour. The last shuttle bus runs from Houhu Seaside Park to Jincheng and Shanwai Station at 9:30pm. The organizer encourages residents and tourists to use the shuttles.
In addition to great music, the water slide at the park is extremely popular. Every day, visitors of all ages come to play in the water to cool down during the hot summer days. The parasols and beach chairs on the beach are a great place to relax under the sun. During the night when the concert is on, the tourists love to visit all the various food stands and game booths. Kinmen County Government advises that residents and tourists who drive to Houhu Seaside Park should follow the police officers’ instructions and slow down when they enter Donghu Road in order to maintain a smooth traffic flow and ensure safety. The organizer welcomes everyone to come and enjoy the summer at Houhu Seaside Park with friends and families. To learn more about Quemoy International Music Festival, please visit the event’s official website: www.quemoymusicfest.com, or search “Quemoy International Music Festival” on Facebook.

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  • Date:2017-12-12