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Deputy Magistrate Wu Observes Street View Car Driving Around Kinmen County to Collect Images

Deputy Magistrate Wu Observes Street View Car Driving Around Kinmen County to Collect Images
Reporter: Syu Jia-Tai / Jincheng

Many people have noticed that since early November, one interesting-looking car has been driving up and down Kinmen County. The car turned out to be a radar street view car owned by HERE Technologies and has been taking 3D street images around the county. Kinmen County Government partnered with HERE Technologies in order to promote its “Smart Technology Island” program. Deputy Magistrate, Wu Cherng-Dean, went to Deyue Tower in Shueitou to observe how the HERE Technologies crew collects images and creates local maps. Deputy Magistrate Wu hoped that both the government and the people can work together to promote smart tourism in Kinmen.
Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean, Director of Kinmen National Park Administration, Sie Wei-Song, Councilor of Kinmen County, Syu Hua-Yu, Director of Kinmen County Tourism Department, Chen Mei-Ling, Director of Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau Lu Kun-He, and staff of Kinmen County Government as well as Kinmen National Park Administration all visited Deyue Tower in Shueitou to learn how HERE Technologies, B&B owners, and car rental companies collect images to create the maps.
Deputy Magistrate Wu stated that “Smart Technology Island Program” should be inclusive and comprehensive. Kinmen County has already launched electronic “Kinmen Citizen Card.” As far as maps are concerned, the county should not only focus on the widely-used Google Maps in Asia, but also focus on Here, which is popular in Europe, America, and China. With the help of HERE Technologies, Kinmen County’s beauty will be recorded in 3D format. Deputy Magistrate Wu added that every county department, including the Tourism Department and Cultural Affairs Bureau, should brainstorm on additional ways to maximize the application of the maps.
Deputy Magistrate Wu commented that every administrative unit in Kinmen is working together to promote the “Smart Technology Island Program.” Kinmen County Government, Kinmen National Park, and the Civil Aeronautics Administration all have devoted themselves to providing Kinmen citizens a more convenient lifestyle. Kinmen registered for Smart21 Communities awards this year and was selected as one of the 21 smart cities around the world.
Deputy Magistrate Wu was impressed by the HERE Technologies radar street view car’s shooting technology and equipment. After he observed how the car worked, he instructed the government staff to compile and provide more information, so potential tourists who have not visited Kinmen before can use the free maps and information from HERE Technologies to explore Kinmen online and spark their interest in visiting Kinmen. This is the purpose and goal of the “Smart Technology Island” program that Kinmen is steadily striving to accomplish.
According to HERE Technologies, its main investors are the three largest car companies in the world. As a result, the company focuses on the accuracy of its maps. This is also the reason why 85% of the cars in the North America use HERE Technologies’ GPS.
Owners of rental car companies pointed out that it will be helpful if there is equally comprehensive information on Kinmen for Baidu Maps, which is popular among Chinese users. In this way, Chinese tourists will no longer need to download Google Maps when they visit Kinmen. In turn, it will create a friendlier smart travel experience, which makes it easier for independent travelers to navigate around Kinmen. The car rental company owners came to learn how the maps are created because they would like to add car rental locations, charging stations for electric cars, and battery swap stations to the maps. With a series of comprehensive and convenient maps, Kinmen will become a place where backpackers can visit whenever they would like to since all the information is available on their cell phones.
Owners of B&Bs and rental car companies gained hands-on experience working with HERE Technologies’ community expert system in order to understand the process of creating maps. Owners of B&Bs commented that with the detailed maps, independent travelers will be able to find more details about how to reach different places.

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  • Date:2018-01-02