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Kinmen County Government to Issue Quarterly on Government Administration

Kinmen County Government to Issue Quarterly on Government Administration
Reporter: Li Tseng-Wang / Kinmen County Government

Unlike the Kinmen Quarterly published by Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau, Kinmen County Government will issue a “Quarterly on Kinmen County Government Administration” for local residents, Kinmen Associations, county/city governments, and libraries. The first issue will be released on March 31st this year.
The first editorial planning committee for the outsourcing of the Quarterly on Kinmen County Government Administration was held in conference room one of Kinmen County Government at 4:00 P.M. yesterday. The convener, Deputy Magistrate Lin Te-Kung, hosted the meeting, which was attended by Secretary-General Huang Ching-Shu, members of the editorial committee for the Quarterly on Kinmen County Government Administration, and members of the editorial consultant team from Business Weekly.
Deputy Magistrate Lin hopes that the county government team will attach great importance to the issuing of the “Quarterly on Kinmen County Government Administration,” especially the Tourism Department should work together with Business Weekly, the contractor for the project, to create energetic, readable, and interesting contents. The quarterly should focus on key points of administration of Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, which aim to develop Kinmen into an island of happiness that is the most suitable place to live in.
The Quarterly on Kinmen County Government Administration is different from the Kinmen Quarterly issued by Kinmen County Cultural Affairs Bureau in that it focuses on government administration, while the Kinmen Quarterly focuses on art, culture and history. It will present administrative ideals and results of Kinmen County Government through special reports and report series; documenting the culture, folk customs, leisure and travel, and industrial development of Kinmen.
The quarterly will be optimistic, active, warm, caring, economic, environment, and return to nature. The quarterly is issued to: 1. Locals: Government agencies, schools, organizations, and heads of townships, villages and neighborhoods; 2. Kinmen Associations: Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Kinmen Compatriot Associations; 3. County/city governments (news offices and magistrates/mayors) and libraries.
The quarterly will be issued in March, June, September, and December each year with 64 pages of 16K size paper.
Three names were discussed for the quarterly, including “See Kinmen,” “Remember Kinmen” and “Love Kinmen,” and presented to the magistrate to decide on. The theme of the first issue will be “Light Up Kinmen,” focusing on Kinmen’s transportation through passenger transport during Chinese New Year and the mini three links, which are channels for returning to Kinmen during the holidays. Issue No.2 will discuss Kinmen’s medical care and health. Issue No.3 will discuss living justice and staying in Kinmen. Issue No.4 will discuss upgrade of value-added technology industries and traditional industries while touching on environmental protection and ecology.
The contractor proposed the following units for the quarterly: “Cover,” “Inside cover,” “Words from the Magistrate,” “Table of contents,” “Cover story,” “Questions about county administration,” “Outlooks for Kinmen,” “Interesting topics of Kinmen.”

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  • Date:2016-12-07