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Police Teaching Correct Traffic Safety Concepts during KKL Employee Training Sessions

Police Teaching Correct Traffic Safety Concepts during KKL Employee Training Sessions
Aug. 30, 2016
By Zhuang Huanning, reported from Jincheng

To ensure the residents in the county can have a decent transportation environment as well as improve traffic and motorists’ safety, the Jincheng Precinct of the Kinmen County Police Bureau used the Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. 2016 Employee Training as an opportunity and sent its Traffic Division Chief Yang Zhimei and staff members to conduct 11 sessions of traffic safety presentation starting on Aug. 5, 2016. The activity was organized out of the intention to educate KKL employees on traffic safety and extend the influence to their families and even people in other parts of the county. Correct safety knowledge and driving habits and concepts were presented to remind the attendees to observe traffic regulations and help maintain good traffic order to reduce accidents and protect the life, property and safety of the residents.

According to the Jincheng Precinct, KKL has a large number of employees while both the new distillery on Taoyuan Road in Jinning Township and the old distillery in Jincheng Town occupy a large land area. During the morning rush hour and evening rush hour, the numbers of cars and motorcycles are massive. The distilleries are on arteries and traffic flow is huge, but thanks to the traffic lights and the assistance of distillery security guards, plus the law-abiding motorists, the number of accidents has dropped. From two years ago (2014) to last year (2015), the number of accidents went down from 7 to 5. It is hoped that the figure will be even lower in the future.

Recently, the craze for Pokemon GO has continued to spread. Many players in Taiwan are obsessed with this cell phone game. However, many motorists have ended up breaking traffic regulations as a result. The heat wave has burned to Kinmen County after the game company included the map of Kinmen County. In the presentation, Jincheng Precinct specifically pointed out this phenomenon and that, as set forth in the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, drivers using their cell phones while traveling on the road are subject to a fine of NT$3,000 and motorcycle riders NT$1,000. Cyclists also could not ride and use their cell phones at the same time or they would be subject to a fine of NT$300 to 600. During the presentation, the police also played films of critical traffic accidents taking place in Taiwan this year to make the employees understand what could happen in a traffic accident and how some casual traffic violations could lead to irreversible tragedies. A quiz with prizes was also held to encourage the attendees to interact in order to achieve the purpose of this traffic safety presentation. It is hoped that the large number of employees of KKL could help disseminate traffic safety concepts to every corner in the county.

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