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The County Government Called the Consensus Conference on Youth Hub

The County Government Called the Consensus Conference on Youth Hub
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang / County Government’s Report

The Kinmen County Government called the consensus conference for the youth hub yesterday, and conducted a discussion on two issues: the planning of the revitalization and usage of the Tsai Family Ancestral Shrine and Cyonglin Residential Community, and whether the usage of the Tahou military base shall be gratuitous or non-gratuitous. After extensive discussion by the participants, a consensus was reached to get the work started first and then seek improvement by making use of the existing public buildings and setting the targets in a pragmatic and focused way. That is, the County Government will lease the Tsai Family Ancestral Shrine from the Kinmen National Park Headquarters to be used as the youth entrepreneurship consultation center in order to provide young entrepreneurs with guidance.
The conference started at 10 a.m. yesterday in Conference Room 2 at the County Government. Executive Officer Wong Zih-Bao hosted the meeting and Syu Jhih-Jhong, Director of the Finance Department; Wang Yuan-Kun, Deputy Director of the Economic Affairs Department; and the representative from the Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee were present. Executive Officer Wong stated that the Magistrate placed great importance on youth entrepreneurship; therefore, the relevant departments of the County Government must be pragmatic and avoid empty promises. It was necessary to show the practical result first, such as utilizing the existing public buildings which can begin operation in the near future as a test run. The Economic Affairs Department of the County Government held a supervisors’ meeting on September 21st, and discussed issues such as youth entrepreneurship and employment with regard to the County Government’s hosting of the cross-strait forum “Kinmen Youth Hackathon.” The Director of the Economic Affairs Department, Li Bin, pointed out that the Department was currently sorting out the relevant suggestions resulted from the discussion. County departments would be notified of the relevant comments concerning them respectively, which would serve as a reference for the County Government’s youth-related work and policies in the coming year.
Among the suggestions were the comments from participating youngsters that the land resource of Kinmen is limited and severely underdeveloped, that the population lacks consumption power and productivity of resources, that the local traditional industries lack competitiveness, that the entrepreneurship threshold is high for the young people, and that entrepreneurship is greatly affected by the overall environment and the unstable cross-strait policies. With respect to these issues, they brought forth action plans and strategies, such as the establishment of a youth entrepreneurship hub, the promotion of thematic tourism in Kinmen and Xiamen (in order to raise the number of visitors and consumption power), the establishment of cross-strait corresponding platforms, the utilization of supportive policies of China, and so on.
In the future, the County Government and the Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee will continue planning and directing the youth policies. In addition, Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee will work as the contact point for the Xiamen Hai Xi VR Base and the Ice and Fire Maker Center. The Kinmen Residents in Taiwan Association Youth Group will be involved in the discussion of the possibility of exchanges. Furthermore, the construction of the youth hub in the Wu Village second military camp is expected to be finished by the end of the year, and the scheduled operation also proceeds faster than the Guanghua Base. It is recommended that the youth hub can be launched in the Wu Village second military camp first. Efforts will also be devoted to the establishment of a youth information service platform.  
The Finance Department also pointed out that after the Kinmen County Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee held the youth policy forum, the Department has been working with the Committee in a close negotiation with Gao Huan-Tang on the transference of the Xiamen VR Base to Kinmen in the future. A visit to Xiamen is being scheduled. If the project is confirmed, the Economic Affairs Department will be involved in the process.
With regard to this, the Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Dian, who hosted the supervisors’ meeting, pointed out that youth entrepreneurship work covers a wide range of tasks, and the Economic Affairs Department plays a role of the locomotive. The initiative shall continue in a well-defined policy framework. It is especially true in this fast-paced era; the focus of youth-related work needs to be clear and the relevant details may be gradually adjusted to meet the general public’s expectations. To sum up, the priority for the current youth-related work is to find the focus. It seems that the relevant departments are not showing sufficient spontaneity. It is necessary that the parties involved must be well prepared, working hard to gather resources, find direction, and accumulate dynamics. In the meeting yesterday, the representative of the Committee suggested that a professional consultant communication platform should be established to assist and guide prospective young entrepreneurs.

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  • Date:2018-01-02