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Through Building a Better Marathon Road Run Environment, the Magistrate Anticipates Improving Economic Performance and a Boost to the Local Tourism Industry

Through Building a Better Marathon Road Run Environment, the Magistrate Anticipates Improving Economic Performance and a Boost to the Local Tourism Industry
February 10th, 2017
Reporter: YANG, SHUEI-YONG/ County Government Report

The 2017 Kinmen Marathon, the 10th rendition of the event, was held on the 14th and 15th of last month. The leisure group and the competitive group together attracted 23,000 people to join the event, generating more than NT$72,270,000 in economic output. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai declared Kinmen Marathon to be a sports event and carnival for the entire country at the Kinmen Marathon work reivew yesterday, and expressed hopes to hit the 10,000 people mark in the competitive group next year, thereby promoting a trend of doing healthy exercise and increasing enjoyment of leisure , boosting the tourism industry and enhancing economic output value.
Secretary-General Lin Te-Kung presided over the Kinmen Marathon work review held in Conference Room 1 of the County Government at 2:30 PM yesterday. Magistrate Chen personally declared Kinmen Marathon to be a sports event and a carnival hosted for the entire country’s populace as the agenda moved onto reviewing the hosting of the marathon. In addition to first mobilizing county government units, he hoped for more tourism and specialty product industries to participate in this mega-event as well as the vigorous involvement of Kinmen township communities and volunteers, so as to display the community’s vigor and eagerness to participate. Schools were also encouraged to actively take part in the marathon to show off their positive energy!
Magistrate Chen shared his recap of the marathon with everyone. He said that at 2:00 AM on the first day of the event, there was rain and he prayed for fine weather because Kinmen was holding a great international marathon road run that offered a great opportunity to boost local tourism industries and other sectors. By 4:00AM, the rain stopped, but it rained again at 4:00 AM the following day. Had the rain not stopped, the competitive group would have been affected. The Magistrate said Heaven gave Kinmen a chance -- . the rain stopped by 6:00 AM on the second day, and the competitive group of the marathon was held successfully.
Marking more than two years in office, Magistrate Chen sentimentally shared his realization that Heaven grants opportunities to those who are dedicated to positively promoting Kinmen ‘with a righteous mind and righteous heart.’ He also gave special recognition to the many promoters behind the scene who worked hard to organize the event. Therefore, he was there to offer recognition and thanks to them. He also extended gratitude on behalf of the county folks and the county government, looking forward to even greater success in the future.
Magistrate Chen, in addition to attending the Kinmen Marathon for two consecutive days, also took group pictures with the athletes with a bottle of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor in his hand to robustly promote the wine. He said it would be great to give people enough incentive to join the event with their whole family. He also found that reception capacity was sufficient, and that it is possible to increase the number of competitive runners from 6,000 to over 10,000. He looks forward to the Department of Education achieving breakthroughs in the future, exploring possibilities to combine Kinmen and Xiamen’s marathon holding capacities, and establishing performance indicators through sports and cultural exchanges.
Entering the 11th year next year,2018, Magistrate Chen said in order to build a better marathon road run environment to make this healthiest of sports also play a part in promoting tourism as well as enhancing the quality of doing leisure sports and the economic efficiency of local industries, the Kinmen Marathon should be shaped into the first international marathon event after the spring festival, thereby giving it greater meaning, so as to be comparable to international marathon events.
This year’s marathon has been a great success with much positive feedback. Looking ahead, Magistrate Chen said he expected an ever improving event with its tenth, twentieth, and fiftieth anniveraries. He also said recommendations and suggestions made by different groups shall serve as references for improvement in the hosting of future competitive events. He looked forward to seeing participating staff brainstorm and propose recommendations and opinions as well as building a great racetrack. With Kinmen’s good endowments, the Magistrate believes the Kinmen Marathon will continue to shine!
He explained at the Kinmen Marathon work report that the 10th Kinmen Marathon has been successfully completed with the devoted assistance of the county bureaus and departments, co-organizers, and corporate sponsors. Moreover, this year’s event carried over the successful experiences of the past nine years. The competition dates were changed to two days, and participant survey showed marked improvement in participants’ satisfaction. Kinmen’s flight capacity and accommodation availability also saw very big improvement, with hotel and restaurant owners achieving better business performance.
It was pointed out in the marathon work report that in terms of event publicity, foreign and cross-strait publicity has been strengthened this year, including promotions via publication on the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races and the International Association of Athletic Federations’ website, participation in the International Travel Expo Hong Kong, the 2016 Marathon Expo in Taipei, cooperation with tourism groups in mainland China, and interactive publicity with the largest road run APP website in China (70,000,000 members), all of which have substantially enhanced the Kinmen Marathon’s international visibility. In the competitive events, athletes from Kenya still won first place in both men’s and women’s categories, while 2,360 athletes from Kinmen joined the competitive group to show support for the event held in their hometown, also demonstrating the importance Kinmen’s folks place on exercising and doing sports.
Economic output from domestic and foreign athletes’ consumption as well as media benefits came to about NT$72,272,220. It was also pointed out that this number does not include value accrued via health improvements for Kinmen residents and other participants nationwide, as well as increases in Kinmen County’s visibility and positive image displayed through international media. The number also does not include the value of publicity generated through the Codoon APP, Facebook check-ins, the appeal of Kinmen’s scenery has been promoted to the world and the cross-strait public. Aside from Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor, sponsors, including 361 Degrees, Vitalon, Ever Rich, Dr. Wang, Xiamen Media Group, Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation, Codoon Sports Network, and others have put in materials and resources totaling about NT$10 million.
In addition, Secretary-General Lin expressed thanks to all the units for their assistance and sponsorship of the Kinmen Marathon, enabling the event to grow grander each year and receive recognition from all sides. He also pointed out that marathon is a sport event emphasizing values of continuous, never-ending pursuit. Hence, he expected to see continuous betterment from this event. He also pointed out that the Kinmen Marathon had been held for 10 consecutive years. Every year, new lessons are learned, and directions and goals are put forward. He believes that with the promotion by relevant agencies and road run enthusiasts, Kinmen Marathon Road Run will win admiration, recognition, and popular support from all sides, showing Kinmen’s features via grand road run activities. He hopes everyone will work together to continue to successfully hold the marathon.
In order to ensure the successful sponsorship of the Kinmen Marathon, Director-general of the Department of Education Li Wen-Liang made a vow to be a vegetarian for two weeks to supplicate for blessings. He said the Kinmen Marathon Road Run this year was held for two days on January 14th and 15th. The leisure group consisted of 17,000 participants; the competitive group consisted of 6,000 participants. This was quite different from previous one-day events, with the lineup having been expanded and expected benefits being achieved. He also thanked the Kinmen County Athletics Association , schools and other sponsors who offered assistance to ensure the smooth and successful hosting of the Kinmen Marathon.
At the work review meeting, the referee division suggested setting a time limit at road junctions, and adding 21K rear support buses and water stations. The sponge division mentioned that tents were set up in front of the fence gate at the 25K water station (Chueh Shan Coaching Site), and in consideration of the low-lying terrain, it was suggested that the tents be relocated because they are prone to flooding on rainy days. The clothing and belongings custodian division suggested planning for indoor venues and additional service counters next year. The competition venue and route division recommended additional signs for public toilets along the route or more toilets; further route/venue change recommendations and improvement suggestions were made.
Furthermore, Magistrate Chen stressed that in order to improve the Kinmen Marathon, the county government is capable of conducting detailed reviews and also has room for self-reflection and reform. Other than “better”, the county government is working harder and with even more dedication in order to make the marathon not only a Kinmen carnival but also an event on par with international marathon events, by bringing out Kinmen’s positive energy through healthy sports!

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