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Kinmen County Government Directors Meeting Focuses on the Implementation of Major Construction Projects

Kinmen County Government Directors Meeting Focuses on the Implementation of Major Construction Projects
Reporter: Li Tseng-Wang / Kinmen County Government

Kinmen County Government yesterday convened its 13th directors meeting of 2016. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai stressed that each department must have its own ideas and creativity in administration to create positive value. He asked the Public Works Department and Granite Factory to list all roads in the county by priority for the road-smoothing project, so that the best side of Kinmen with the smoothest roads can be presented within two years.
Magistrate Chen showed approval towards the Forestry Institute, Granite Factory, and county government administration for their efforts, and hoped that the 2016 budget will be fully executed and that planning of the 2017 budget will be completed as soon as possible. With the county council soon to go into session, he asked departments to interact and communicate projects with council members. He also believes that ditch and floating trash issues addressed by council members will also become a positive to Kinmen.
The directors meeting was convened in conference room one of Kinmen County Government at 9:00 yesterday morning, and was hosted by Magistrate Chen. Attendees included Deputy Magistrate Lin Te-Kung, Secretary-General Huang Ching-Shun, senior executive officers, department directors, and heads of subordinate agencies.
Magistrate Chen listened to reports and explanations given by each department regarding the implementation of resolutions (17 items) made in the previous meeting, and gave instructions and reminders.
Magistrate Chen pointed out that the construction and development of areas surrounding Jinhu Sports Center should be coordinated with National Kinmen Agricultural and Industrial Vocational Senior High School. Planning, design, and construction supervision for the new service center for the mini three links was just contracted out, and he challenge has just begun. He declared that the implementation of these major construction projects will be open, transparent, and bold. The Public Works Department will outsource 3D animation production within a month for residents to understand developments in the mini three links. As for the renovation project of areas surrounding Lanhu, he indicated that the Social Affairs Department was too slow, and that the Economic Affairs Department and Forestry Institute should visit the areas in hopes of creating new tourist attractions.
Magistrate Chen instructed the Fire Department and Health Bureau to hold a drill to test the ability to handle large numbers of patients during a large scale disaster, and access medical relief capabilities of Taiwan and China. With regard to Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. winning an international competition, he hoped that the company will continue to improve its quality and adjust the salary structure of employees; he will also choose a day to meet with the 1,500 employees in an effort to improve their salaries.
Magistrate Chen hoped that every member of the county government will do good deeds and work hard to protect this island, and should never think from the perspective of a single department. The planning of a sports park should also be considered from a macro perspective with short-, mid- and long-term plans for developing a friendly environment for sports and tourism. The oyster and wheat cultural festival was quite a success this year, and he asked the Economic Affairs Department to further discuss affairs with Jinning Township Office, so as to promote the industries and benefit tourism and the local economy.
On the issue of land requisition, Magistrate Chen stressed that related departments must actively and repeatedly communicate and coordinate with owners, abide by the principles of open, lawful, and transparent, and avoid departmentalism to see from the people’s perspective. The revitalization of historic buildings is a good thing, and Magistrate Chen hopes that the Cultural Affairs Bureau will establish a matchmaking mechanism for historic sites (buildings) with industries to achieve revitalization.
Magistrate Chen hoped that the Mainland Affairs Office will gather information and take action when an event occurs based on the principle that cross-Strait exchange should be a virtuous interaction, so that he will have full understanding and be able to formulate a strategy and respond. Magistrate Chen also believes that plans for new attractions and experiences are necessary to attract Taiwanese tourists to Kinmen. As for Chinese tourists, he is confident of reforming Kinmen’s environment for tourists to want to return to Kinmen, and he hoped that industries will also respond.
On the implementation of the low carbon island project, Magistrate Chen requested the cooperation of related departments. On Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. using tunnels as cellars for storing liquor, he hoped that the company will use the story for marketing Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor.
Deputy Magistrate Lin explained the process and results of contracting out the planning, design and construction supervision of Shuitou Port’s large service center, emphasizing that selection committee members were announced in advance as part of the county government’s efforts to openly, fairly, and justly select a contractor. Regarding the National Airborne Service Corps becoming stationed in Kinmen, he asked the Fire Department and Health Bureau to prepare data so that the proposal will be accepted and thus ensure the medical care, disaster relief, and rescue needs of offshore islands are met.

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  • Date:2016-12-08