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Kinmen County Government Offers Additional Promotion Measures to Attract Domestic Tourists

Kinmen County Government Offers Additional Promotion Measures to Attract Domestic Tourists
Reporter: Li Tseng-Wang / Kinmen County Government

The Tourism Bureau implemented the “Citizen Travel Subsidy Plan” in November last year (2015) in coordination with the Executive Yuan’s “consumption boost measure,” subsidizing domestic travel. Citizens can use their personal information to apply for a limited time electronic coupon to subsidize 30% of their room price or up to NT$1,000. To attract domestic tourists, Kinmen County Government immediately met with members of the travel and lodging industries to understand inter-island transportation requirements of travelers, and offered an additional promotion measure “Kinmen 1 day bus pass, round trip ship ticket between Kinmen and Lieyu” worth NT$320, using the 80/20 rule to attract tourists to stay in Kinmen and visit Lieyu with the smallest subsidy and thereby boost local consumption.
As December is the start of the off season for the travel industry in Kinmen, 10 hotels and 76 hostels participated in the promotion from December 2015 to February 29th, 2016; the promotion gained good results as a total of 90 people used the 1 day bus pass and 448 people used the round trip ship ticket, increasing the number of domestic tourists by nearly 500 through the electronic coupon and Kinmen County Government’s promotion measure, and also benefiting tourism in Lieyu.
To encourage the youth to return to their hometown and start a business, Kinmen County Government established the “Kinmen County Hostel Registration and Review Rules” to simplify procedures for more convenience and shorten the time of hostel review procedures. A total of 47 hostel applications were accepted in 2015, an increase of 124% compared with 21 hostel applications accepted in 2014.
Kinmen County received the Award of Excellence in the “2015 Urban Hotel Ranking” held by the Tourism Bureau last year; there are currently 22 hotels and 174 hostels legally registered in Kinmen County. Furthermore, the county government has stepped up lodging industry management guidance and auditing measures for tourists to have a safe stay in Kinmen, and audited hotels 23 times and hostels 164 times in 2015, using joint inspections to guide hotels and hostels to make improvements, and thereby improve the image of lodgings in Kinmen as well as the quality of overall tourism services.

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  • Date:2016-12-08