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Family Fun at Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.

Family Fun at Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.
Reporter: Li Jin-Ciang / Jinning Township

In order to commemorate the 110th birthday of General Hu Lian, the founder of the Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. (KKL), and the 40th anniversary of his death, the KKL Hu-Lien Culture & Arts Foundation held the “Fun at KKL” activities at KKL yesterday. Hundreds of people brought their family to picnic and enjoy the puppet shows and Halloween costume shows. On the site was also a “dream builder” market, which offered themed checkpoint challenges and theatrical performances. Through the family activities, parents and children learned together about General Hu Lian and the KKL culture. The KKL knowledge was passed down in comprehensible and interactive ways in hopes of realizing the KKL spirit and heritage.
The “Fun at KKL” activities organized by KKL held the grand opening at the KKL Kinning Plant at 10 a.m. yesterday (October 29th). Lin Te-Kung, Secretary-general of Kinmen County Government; Chen Cang-Jiang, Kinmen County Councilman; Li Bin, Director of the Economic Affairs Department of Kinmen County Government; Shih Jhao-Min, Mayor of Jincheng Township, and Hu Min-Yue, Director of the KKL Hu-Lien Culture & Arts Foundation were present at the event. The activities included a checkpoint challenges, family picnic, and performances by Goodplay Troupe, a Taiwanese troupe. Adults and children alike were attracted to the event and crowded the KKL booths. Laughter filled the site and knowledge was spread through the entertaining activities, transforming KKL into a friendly theme park.
Lin stated that, after the war, General Hu personally surveyed the conditions in Kinmen and dedicated himself to the establishment of a solid foundation for the region. He founded the National Kinmen Senior High School, KKL, the Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute, and worked on other projects to develop Kinmen. Kinmen owes a lot to Hu for laying a good foundation for further development. Hu’s legacy and contribution to Kinmen and the history he created are of great significance.
Lin stated that General Hu’s life was filled with legends. Hu was appointed commander of the Kinmen Defense Command two times, in 1949 and 1957, respectively. He also went through the world-renowned Battle of Guningtou and the 823 Artillery Bombardment. During his office, he spared no efforts in developing Kinmen, including greening, establishment of schools, development of aqueducts, and the founding of KKL. Such legacy is worthy of remembering. KKL was Hu’s solution to the food shortage problem for the Kinmen residents. Therefore, KKL has always upheld the ideal of “military and civilians united as family” and solidified a sustainable niche.
Lin also said that, in order to commemorate Hu’s contribution to the Kinmen region, KKL established the KKL Hu-Lien Culture & Arts Foundation to pass down and realize Hu’s spirit of taking no credit for success. KKL has more than sixty years of history. We have always strived to be better and have followed Hu’s spirit of not taking the credit. We should continually seek to innovate on the existing base so that KKL may sustain. This would be the best way to remember General Hu: to maintain a sustainable operation for KKL and to improve the residents’ lives with the revenue of KKL.
“Fun at KKL” centered on the culture of liquor. The organizer planned a series of activities and specially designed interactive installation art, displaying a cute version of the Wind Lion in the public space of KKL. The overall interactive design was based on the renowned Wind Lion of Kinmen, with a cute and interesting twist. The six-month event has six different themed activities, including storytelling, seminars, desserts, cooking, music, and singing. The opening activities yesterday included checkpoint challenges, cultural education, DIY experience, game challenges, electronic interactive games, petting zoo area, and family picnic that encouraged people to go outdoors for a picnic while enjoying performances by the Goodplay Troupe. The performances were both entertaining and educational. The Troupe combined storytelling with highly technical acrobatics and interactions with the audience, attracting the children’s attention. The Troupe presented three shows for the children of Kinmen. In the afternoon, a lady known as “Ms. Lemon” from the “Magic Story Kingdom” told General Hu Lian’s stories while conveying sophisticated liquor culture and knowledge to the residents.

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  • Date:2018-01-02