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Magistrate Chen and Council Members Inspect Local Constructions

Magistrate Chen and Council Members Inspect Local Constructions
Reporter: Chuang Huan-Ning / Summary Report
Aside from interpellation in the county council, the first interpellation group also visited Kinmen National Park to inspect the sewage construction, as well as improvements to the flooding issue in Jinsha caused by torrential rain. Regarding the proposals made by council members in response to public opinion, Speaker Hung Li-Ping hoped the county government will make improvements as soon as possible. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai attaches great importance to residents’ issues and instructed department directors to properly handle subsequent coordination and remediation work.
Speaker Hung Li-Ping, Deputy Speaker Hsieh Tung-Lung and council members Tsai Shui-You, Tang Li-Hui, Hsu Yu-Chao, Chang Yun-Te, Ouyang I-Hsiung, Wang Pi-Chen, Chen Yu-Chen, Shih Yung-Cheng, Hung Hung-Pin, Hsu Hua-Yu, and Li Ying-Wen were accompanied by Magistrate Chen, Secretary-General Huang Ching-Shun, and department directors to inspect local constructions.
The group first arrived in Chionglin Village and was accompanied by Ku Hsiao-Wei and other members of the National Park Headquarters’ Maintenance of Environment Section, passing through the alleys and lanes to inspect the sewage restoration condition of the national park. They also visited an old house that could not be renovated due to a small wind lion god statue and “Shigandang,” searching for a feasible solution.
Council member Tsai Shui-You, who lives in Chionglin, pointed out that the digging and restoration of underground sewage pipelines in Kinmen National Park was not very complete, and a resident once fell down, hoping the county government will coordinate with the national park to improve construction quality. There have been complaints because Southern Min architectures in the village involve cultural heritage preservation and the national park put all of the responsibility on the Cultural Affairs Bureau. If the government intends to preserve Southern Min architecture, it should find a piece of land and communicate with residents, exchanging land for residents to build new homes, and not just let things drag on for over a year.
In response, Magistrate Chen immediately instructed the Cultural Affairs Bureau and Economic Affairs Department to negotiate with the national park to find a solution for residents.
Speaker Hung and Magistrate Chen and council members then visited KinSa Holiday Hotel, which was severely flooded due to the torrential rain a few days ago. The basement was still submerged in water and water pumps were pumping out the water. The owner was miserable saying that it flooded a year and a half ago and now it flooded again, even more serious than the last time.
Council member Tsai Shui-You and Li Ying-Wen also said that the high voltage substation in the hotel burned down during the flood. It burned down last time and the hotel enterprise spent over two million NTD in repairs. They asked if it was possible for Taipower Company to help with the repairs after the natural disaster, especially since the tourism industry is not in good condition and spending over five million NTD on repairs is a great burden; they asked if it was possible to ask Taipower Company for assistance to lift this burden.
Speaker Hung Li-Ping pointed out that low-lying areas are flood prone after torrential rain, which causes residents to sustain great damages. The county government must make improvements as soon as possible, and step up the pace of resolving flooding caused by poor drainage.
Magistrate Chen attaches great importance to the flooding issue in Jinsha. He indicated that flooding in Jinsha has long been an issue and departments including the Water Resources Agency have all shown concern. The county government will integrate plans for remediation and the improvement construction will be contracted out at the end of June. The construction will completely improve the flooding issue in Jinsha.
During their inspection, the group also visited Cai Shen Park Hanyuen Temple and bowed three times to the deity of wealth, praying for peace and health for Kinmen people.

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  • Date:2016-12-08