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Chairperson of Public Construction Commission Inspects the Kinmen Bridge Construction at Sea

Chairperson of Public Construction Commission Inspects the Kinmen Bridge Construction at Sea
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / Lieyu

After inspecting the Kinmen Bridge construction site at the Dajin End on the previous day, the Chairperson of the Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, Wu Hong-Mou traveled by ship yesterday to examine the bridge construction at Dajin and Siaojin End and listened to updates from the National Expressway Engineering Bureau to understand the overall bridge construction situation and the ability of the structure to withstand typhoons. Wu Hong-Mou also attended the Siaojin End construction site honorary ceremony to give blessings for the bridge and pray all construction work can be completed safely and smoothly. Chairman of Dong Pi Co., Ltd. (contractor), Wang Yin-He, promised to work hard to complete the construction of the bridge according to the contract and schedule.
Chairperson of the Public Construction Commission, Wu Hong-Mou went on a two-day major construction inspection visit to Kinmen the day before yesterday (June 13th). On the first day, Wu Hong-Mou listened to the plan for the Kinmen Bridge Construction and a briefing on the Great Kinmen Desalination Plant Renovation and Expansion, and familiarized himself with the execution of bridge construction and desalination plant plans as well as difficulties for which his assistance is needed to help with the smooth execution of the plans.
Wu Hong-Mou’s trip to Kinmen this time mainly focused on the inspection of the Kinmen Bridge construction. On the first day, he inspected the construction site of the Kinmen Bridge Dajin End and hoped the construction of the bridge would be completed ahead of schedule by the end of 2019 with “zero industrial safety-related incidents” and assured quality. Besides, he stated that the Public Construction Commission would make an inspection at the site in Kinmen at each important milestone of the bridge construction. He hoped that after several twists and turns, under the collaborative efforts of all units, the bridge could be completed ahead of time and opened to traffic to enhance tourism. Yesterday was the second day of inspections of major construction works in Kinmen by Wu Hong-Mou, who was accompanied by Secretary-General of County Government Lin De-Gong, County Councilor Wong Zih-Bao, Director-General of Public Works Department Jhang Jhong-Min, Director of the Second Engineering Office under the National Expressway Engineering Bureau, Huang Yi-Yan, Chairman of Dong Pi Co., Ltd. Wang Yin-He, and other related personnel. They traveled by ship to the sea from Shueitou Wharf at 9:30 am yesterday to inspect the conditions of the bridge construction at Dajin and Siaojin End and the impact from Typhoon Meranti during last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. They were given a report about the safety of the ferry bridge structure and other construction-related matters from the National Expressway Engineering Bureau.
The Kinmen Bridge construction is scheduled to be completed on September 25th, 2020. Wu Hong-Mou pointed out that President Tsai Ing-Wen and Premier Lin Chuan care about the progress very much and have particularly reminded them to work hard to assist the construction of Kinmen Bridge. He hoped the bridge can be completed ahead of time by the end of 2019 so as to meet the expectations of local residents and fulfill their dream!
After inspecting the construction conditions of Dajin and Siaojin End of the bridge, Wu Hong-Mou, accompanied by Lin De-Gong, Wong Zih-Bao, Jhang Jhong-Min, representatives of the National Expressway Engineering Bureau, and contractor Dong Pi Co., Ltd., attended the Siaojin End construction site honorary ceremony at 1:00 pm to give blessings to the bridge and pray that the construction process would go smoothly and safely in the future. They hoped Dong Pi Co., Ltd. would not fail to meet the expectations of the residents of Kinmen and do their best to overcome all difficulties to complete the construction of the bridge.
So far, the construction work of the Kinmen Bridge has resumed and been undertaken by the new contractor, including CJ02-2C tender project, which is undergoing active preparation. The major construction tasks provided in the contract include: supplementary geological investigation by drilling 37 holes; 140 external steel tubes; 221 piles; 35 basic constructions; 39 piers; 5 bridge towers; 45-span superstructure constructions; other constructions (landscape lighting, signals, pavements, etc.).
For the Kinmen Bridge construction over the next 6 months, besides the construction of the superstructure and piles for the ferry bridge, the contractor will actively devote themselves to working on installing the deep piles to help expedite the construction progress and budget execution. Besides three large deck barges and two power tugboats, Dong Pi Co., Ltd. has purchased two 800-ton and 650-ton crane vessels from Singapore. In the future, Dong Pi will rent or purchase large working ships in accordance with the work progress so as to speed up the progress and ensure on-time completion of the bridge construction.
The grand opening ceremony for the construction of the Kinmen Bridge CJ02-2C-A Tender Project will be held at 8:00 am today at Siaojin End. Prior to the beginning of construction, the contractor needs to complete a sea traffic maintenance plan, a current ferry bridge improvement plan, an application for type D dangerous working sites, and a preliminary design for the alternative project of the superstructure of the main bridge and side bridge in order to ensure the subsequent construction direction. It is planned to construct one sea construction platform each for the main bridge and side bridge, a concrete batching plant and concrete batching ships, a box girder precasting plant, and a temporary wharf by June 30th this year. Besides, the contractor has planned to send its ships and machines from Taiwan to Houfong Port, Kinmen from February 20th this year. In June, the contractor will work on the construction of deep grooves and the permanent structure.
During the inspection, Wu Hong-Mou asked the contractor to prevent industrial safety incidents during the construction period, to inspect all work meticulously before resuming any construction, and to do dynamic management well. Besides, he hoped the construction of the bridge could contribute to good neighborly relations and achieve the quality goal upon completion.
Besides, when Wu Hong-Mou inspected Siaojin End Bridge at Lieyu Township, Mayor Hong Cheng-Fa welcomed him at Jiougong Wharf. Wu attended the honorary and blessings ceremony for the construction site, hoping that the bridge construction could be completed without difficulties and on time to improve the traffic in Lieyu and Kinmen and contribute to further development of Lieyu and prosperity of local industry. Also, after visiting Shasibao and the L18 scenic area, which have gone through the revitalization process, Wu Hong-Mou felt that the environment there was as beautiful as any beach abroad. The staff concerned should develop a detailed plan for the area because it is worth developing.
Kinmen Bridge starts from Hupu Rd., Houtou, Lieyu Township in the west and from Cihhu Rd., Husia, Jinning Township, Kinmen Island in the east. The total length is about 5.4 km, with the cross-sea bridge at 4.77 km. The bridge is divided into three parts, namely, the main bridge, side bridge and ferry bridge. For lane allocation, the bridge has one mixed lane and a sidewalk/bike lane in each direction with a speed limit of 60km/hr. The expected benefits of the bridge include providing traffic access for Lieyu and Kinmen in all weathers; balanced use of land; medical resource support; care for residents in outlying islands; realization of humanitarian aid; balanced industrial development; and activating tourism.
Moreover, during his visit to Kinmen on this occasion, Wu Hong-Mou inspected the bridge construction and the renovation and expansion of the desalination plant. Yesterday, accompanied by Secretary-General of the County Government Lin De-Gong and other related staff, Wu inspected the current conditions of the construction site of the bridge at the Siaojin End before returning to Taipei on the 3:50 pm flight, thus ending the two-day trip for the inspection of major construction works.

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  • Date:2017-11-30