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Enjoy the Charm of Kinmen through Cross-Strait Slow Biking

Enjoy the Charm of Kinmen through Cross-Strait Slow Biking
Reporter: Jhuang Huan-Ning/Jinning

The event “Love Kinmen, Bike Together—The Cross-Strait Slow Living 2017” grandly took place at Jhongshan Memorial Forest yesterday afternoon. More than 500 cycling lovers from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan gathered together and began a bike ride of 6 km as County Government Secretary-General Lin De-Gong, County Council Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long and other distinguished guests fired the starting shot together. Surrounded by phytoncide, the participants lightheartedly relaxed themselves in the slow-paced Kinmen, enjoying the fascinating Southern Fujian scenery and country paths.
The event kicked off at 3:40 pm in the parking lot in front of Bicycle Story House at Jhongshan Memorial Forest yesterday. The performance “gong-bei-po” presented by the East Gate Daitian Temple was the opening piece. County Government Secretary-General Lin De-Gong, County Council Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long, Councilor Tang Li-Huei, Director of Legislator Yang Cheng-Wu’s Office Sun Guo-Jhih, Director-General of the Tourism Department Chen Mei-Ling, Director-General of Bus & Ferry Management Office Syu Yi-Jie, Chairman of the Association of Travel Agents Lin Yong-Biao, Chairman of the Visitors Association Wu Jia-Jiang as well as honorable guests from Mainland China, such as President of Hai Xia Dao Bao Times Ruan Si-Guei, all attended the opening ceremony and co-hosted the starting shot ritual. The creative activities of this event attracted more than 500 participants, including more than 300 people from Mainland China and more than 200 local cycling lovers.
Secretary-General Lin De-Gong, on behalf of Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, welcomed the participants from Xiamen to experience a slow-paced life in Kinmen. According to him, Xiamen is a highly-developed metropolis; by contrast, Kinmen is a less-developed place with opulent vegetation everywhere and perfect for a slow-paced life. He welcomed everyone to develop a slower way of living and experience this kind of activities together.
Special gratitude was given to the County Government’s Tourism Department and each organizer. County Council Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long and Councilor Tang Li-Huei were especially appreciated for their actual support. While riding a bike through the Green Tunnel in Kinmen, one can feel the cool breeze blowing. It is an enjoyment. After being struck by Typhoon Meranti last year, Kinmen spent one year on the recovery of its natural environment and was gradually restored to its original green scene. On each biking route, one could definitely find that Kinmen has many wonderful places to explore and its natural environment is suitable for many leisure activities worth getting involved. Every participant was expected to give feedback after the event so that a better designed activity and a better environment could be provided next time to meet everyone’s expectations.
President of Hai Xia Dao Bao Times Ruan Si-Guei stated that he had a good impression on Kinmen based on his previous visits, but he was even more impressed this time. He hoped that in addition to enjoying the scenery, all of the participants could appreciate the beauty of Kinmen, get a better understanding of this place, and have a relaxing journey. He also thanked the organizers for their careful arrangement, which gave Kinmen visitors a cheerful journey.
While being interviewed, Deputy Speaker Sie Dong-Long pointed out that Kinmen has the advantage to develop slow leisure activities because the art of slow living is to achieve a balance between life and work. On the contrary, people in a utilitarian society sacrifice the quality of life to go after their material desires. As a result, the quality of life goes down. The environment of Kinmen is suitable for slow biking and other slow living activities. He welcomed everyone to visit Kinmen and enjoy the fun of a slow-paced, relaxing life.

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  • Date:2017-12-01