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Chen Fu-Hai Visited Jin-Cheng Junior High School and Promised a “20-Year Education Revolution.”

Chen Fu-Hai Visited Jin-Cheng Junior High School and Promised a “20-Year Education Revolution.”
April 1st, 2017
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / Jincheng

Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai visited Jin-Cheng Junior High School yesterday. Accompanied by Director of the Education Bureau Li Wun-Liang and Principal Syu Wei-Min, he inspected the campus and its surroundings to learn about its overall development thus far. At noon, Magistrate Chen had lunch with the students and stressed the importance of food safety and nutritious values. He also promised a “20-Year Education Revolution,” a series of education reforms that will first start with institutional changes, in order to bring up the next generation with a visionary education system that can stand as a role model for both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
After visiting Jhong-Jheng Elementary School, Kinmen’s largest elementary school in both size and number of students, Magistrate Chen visited Jin-Cheng Junior High School yesterday. He was accompanied by Secretary of Kinmen County Government Chen Jin-Wun, Director of Education Bureau Li Wun-Liang, and Principal of Jin-Cheng Junior High School Syu Wei-Min. Magistrate Chen first visited the dormitory for the children of Taiwanese businessmen. He believed that the education provided by the school for the children of Taiwanese businessmen is a benchmark in the field. Later, he went on to inspect the stadium, the greenhouse, and the surroundings. He hopes to see a systematic, comprehensive plan in the future to efficiently utilize space and increase educational resource.
When inspecting the campus, Magistrate Chen and other guests were greeted by the students warmly. During the meal with the students, Magistrate Chen expressed his wish for students’ lunch to be safe, healthy, and nutritious. He also told the students that he would build a better educational environment and facilities to provide them with a better learning experience.
Later, Magistrate Chen listened to Principal Syu’s report on school affairs, the overall campus plan, and the progress on post-windstorm reconstruction. He said that with its 986 students and 140 faculty staff, Jin-Cheng is the junior high school with the most students and potential in Kinmen. He encouraged the school to wholeheartedly invest in its future development with the 20-Year Education Revolution.
Magistrate Chen also mentioned that if the stadium were to undergo reconstruction in the future, other spaces like classrooms and rehearsal rooms for the local Chinese orchestra should also be considered. A systematic plan that takes into account the budgets, the local environment and needs is in order.
Currently, the County Government has established a temporary policy research unit. It will survey and collect public opinions, draft a plan, and execute the final version.
Jin-Cheng’s campus plan should be comprehensive, Magistrate Chen said, covering every aspect and focusing on some key objectives at the same time. He stressed that the government would never hold back on its funding for education. After his finished his school visits around Kinmen, he found the future of Kinmen very promising and the children of Kinmen very fortunate.
When there is a problem, Magistrate Chen said, we need to face it and try to come up with various solutions to solve it. He would spend more time and effort on improving the preschools, elementary schools, junior high schools, etc. in Kinmen in order to boost the County’s education in general, he said. He would take on the task of laying a solid foundation for Kinmen’s education in the next two decades.
Magistrate Chen encouraged gifted students and teachers to go out and explore. They will acquire new perspectives, which induce better learning and teaching. As for schools with potential, Magistrate Chen said, they should set a new standard by reforming their campuses with wisdom and vision. The schools will be the pride of Kinmen and a role model for Taiwan, China, and the rest of the world.
During his visit to Taipei last week, Magistrate Chen visited Zhongshan Parent-Child Center, for the future planning of Kinmen’s own Parent-Child Center. Magistrate Chen stated that various activity centers will be built in towns such as parent-child centers, art venues, creative centers, women’s activity centers and intelligent libraries. Every type of facilities we see in Taiwan will be available in Kinmen. Parents are welcomed to bring their children to the facilities to learn and enjoy their weekends together.
In order to make campuses more beautiful, Magistrate Chen requested the Forestry Bureau’s assistance with the greening and beautification of university campuses and schools of all levels. Three teams were organized and stationed at the campuses to help schools grow plants and maintain lawns, beautifying campuses and allowing the staff to concentrate on teaching at the same time.
Magistrate Chen also encouraged the people of Kinmen to treat campuses as their own “home”, do some good for the island, and create a better learning environment for the next generation.

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