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Number of Travelers via the Mini Three Links Sets a Record High due to the Increase in Chinese Passengers

Number of Travelers via the Mini Three Links Sets a Record High due to the Increase in Chinese Passengers
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Kinmen County Government

The number of travelers via the mini three links set a record high in April in the year of the monkey. Statistics of the Tourism Department show that cumulative travelers via the mini three links had reached 566,646 during the first four months of this year, an increase of 4.33% compared with the 543,122 travelers during the same period last year, in which 57% are Taiwanese travelers, 41% are Chinese travelers, and 2% are foreign travelers. The 322,817 Taiwanese travelers is a decrease of 4.26% from 337,187 last year; the 232,576 Chinese travelers is an increase of 19.02% from 195,417 last year; and the 11,244 foreign travelers is an increase of 6.9% from 10,518 last year.
The Tourism Department indicated that Taiwanese travelers accounted for roughly 70% of all travelers via the mini three links before last year. This figure decreased to 62% last year and further decreased to 57% this year, while the structure of arrivals in Kinmen has changed drastically, in which Chinese travelers increased from 28% in the past to 36% last year, and further increased to 41% this year, showing that Chinese travelers are gradually becoming the majority and their numbers are growing continuously.
The county government pointed out that even though the system for issuing exit and entry permits to travelers from Fujian Province, China was upgraded in March, travelers intending to travel from Xiamen to Kinmen still need to wait 1~2 work days for their permit. During a visit from Vice Mayor Ni Chao of Xiamen City on March 29th, he indicated that China will be implementing new policies on April 1st, including “permit application at different locations,” “endorsement for travelers via Pingtan,” “endorsement for cruise ship passengers,” and “Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents valid for one entry.” Magistrate visited the provincial government in Fuzhou on April 15th in hopes of gaining related policies and initiatives that will cause the number of travelers via the mini three links to continue to increase, and the number of travelers in April reached 160,581, an increase of 3.86% from 154,608 last year, and a new record for number of travelers in April.
Furthermore, travel style has gradually changed in recent years, and the number of tourists traveling independently has continued to increase. Traditional travel styles are on the decline, and mainland tourists have extended their reach to all corners of Kinmen, experiencing the local culture. As Magistrate Chen focuses on promotion and gaining policies, emphasis should be placed on “quality tourism” and “specialty tourism,” as well as developing “smart tourism” through value-added services. The Tourism Department is confident that it will be able to bring Kinmen’s travel environment to a new milestone, and also allow the mini three links to grow and thrive.

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  • Date:2016-12-08