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A New One-Stop Service Counter at the Lobby of County Hall for Applying for Kinmen Citizen Cards

A New One-Stop Service Counter at the Lobby of County Hall for Applying for Kinmen Citizen Cards

Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih/County Government

The General Affairs Department of Kinmen County Government has recently added a new service counter at the lobby on the first floor of the county hall for citizens to apply for and/or replace Kinmen Citizen Cards in response to the inquiry from county councilors who complained that it was inconvenient for the citizens to apply for Kinmen Citizen Cards only at the Household Registration Office, unlike the formerly issued Public Transportation Card, which could be applied for at a train/bus station. From now on, citizens can enjoy the value-added service for applying for, issuing, and replacing the cards, as well as for obtaining information—another citizen-friendly service measure.

The General Affairs Department states that according to the original plan, any citizen who has yet applied for the citizen card can apply at the Household Registration Office with the original copy of their ID card and a 2” front-view hatless color photo (shot within one year) or make a reservation online (https://card.kinmen.gov.tw) with a Citizen Digital Certificate. Now the new service counter at the lobby of the county hall will be even more convenient for the public and senior citizens who are unable to move around easily. Thus, it will help to increase the card issuance rate and the use rate. Besides, for any questions about citizen card applications and relevant services, citizens may dial the Citizen Service Hotline 1999 to receive services directly from designated staff at the service counter.

The General Affairs Department added that Kinmen Citizen Card was jointly designed by Kinmen County Government, EASYCARD Corp., and Chunghwa Telecom, which officially launched various services together on September 18th. Kinmen Citizen Card holders can not only enjoy the convenience of this card throughout Kinmen and Taiwan, but also benefit from numerous discounts or special offers. Furthermore, a physical card and mobile card can be applied for at the same time, thus a “one phone one card” smart lifestyle can be achieved.

While several cities and counties in Taiwan have launched citizen cards, Kinmen Citizen Card may stand out as it combines the functions of a physical card with those of a mobile one; and citizens are given the freedom of choice to either own one card or two. This demonstrates the determination and ambition of the County Government to build Kinmen as a smart city.

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  • Date:2018-01-02