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41 out of the Magistrate’s 82 Policy Plans Are Complete

41 out of the Magistrate’s 82 Policy Plans Are Complete
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang/County Government

The Kinmen County Government held the “6th Meeting on Magistrate’s Policy Performance Review” yesterday. The meeting was hosted by the Secretary-General, Lin De-Gong. Mr. Lin stated that it has been three years since the magistrate started in the position. Each department should review each of the magistrate’s major policy items. For the items that have not been implemented, everyone should continue to promote or evaluate them as well as work to facilitate their implementation. In this way, the public can see the government’s progress in implementing its policies.

Mr. Lin also pointed out that of the 80 plus plans under the 10 policy categories, some are ongoing with longer implementation time frames while others are more time-sensitive. He expressed his desire to have each department work harder, think as a team, and actively promote the plans as well as solve any problems in order to expeditiously implement the magistrate’s policies.

The meeting started at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon in the 2nd conference room of the county hall. Secretary-General Lin De-Gong hosted the meeting. The director-general or deputy director-general from each department, officers in charge, and the chairman of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. (KKL), Huang Ching-Shun, all attended the meeting. During the meeting, the attendees reviewed and evaluated the policy objectives, work items, and implementation progress for each policy category.

The General Affairs Department, which was responsible for organizing the meeting, stated that the 6th magistrate started to implement 82 plans based on the his policies, including 25 short-term plans (2015), 33 mid-term plans (2016), and 24 long-term plans (2017 - 2018). In 2015, every department was asked to present its plan objectives and work items. The departments were also required to include the magistrate’s policies into the annual policy implementation plan and the mid-term policy implementation plan for 2015 – 2018. All these plans were approved by the magistrate at the meeting held in early May of 2015.
The 6th Kinmen Magistrate’s policy implementation plans are divided into ten categories: medical biotechnology, transportation, country and city development, women and children’s welfare, cultural education, business start-up support for youth, sustainable agriculture, environmental technology, tourism and leisure, and KKL’s operation. There are a total of 82 plans.

According to the General Affairs Department, if any of the plans listed has been completed and is no longer in need of being tracked and evaluated, each department should follow the administrative procedure to seek approval. As of today, 41 plans have been completed and removed from the list.

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  • Date:2017-12-12