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Magistrate Chen Commended Foster Families for Their Spirit of Compassion at Certification Ceremony

Magistrate Chen Commended Foster Families for Their Spirit of Compassion at Certification Ceremony
Reporter: Dong Sen-Bao/Jinhu

In appreciation of the foster families for kindly fostering and supporting children, the Kinmen County Government and Kinmen Family Assistance Center held “Happiness Comes When Destiny Brings Us Together,” which featured a foster family certification ceremony and Mother’s Day celebration, in Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation yesterday morning. Eight foster parents were certified. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai extended his gratitude to the Family Assistance Center and foster families for their kindness and praised the foster families for their spirit of compassion, referring to them as “living Bodhisattvas”.
The simple yet solemn certification ceremony took place yesterday at 10 in a warm atmosphere. Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai and his wife, Director-General Chen Shih-Bao and Deputy Director-General Syu Mei-Fong of the Social Affairs Department, Director-General Li Wun-Liang of the Education Department, Director-General Wang Han-Jhih of the Public Health Bureau, Chairperson Li Gen-Yuan and Director Li Guei-Ping of the Family Assistance Center participated in the event and encouraged the foster families and children.
 While presenting certificates to the eight foster families, Chen expressed his wish that the foster parents take on more responsibility upon receipt of the Foster Family Certificate and help disadvantaged and abused children stay away from fear and life-endangering situations. During the ceremony, Chen also presented each foster family with a bottle of wine that symbolizes cherishment and gratitude as a gift in appreciation of their devotion and commitment to caring for disadvantaged children.
 Kinmen Family Assistance Center stated that it offers foster care and placement services. With active efforts in recruiting, three more families joined the children protection team, making the number of foster families increase from five to eight in 2016. So far the eight foster families have received certificates, meaning they will do their share to help fostered children grow up in a safe and stable environment and embrace their future life with courage and confidence.
 According to the Social Affairs Department, some children require placement as their families are affected by unexpected events or abuse them, making their original families no longer suitable for them. In the past, there were not enough foster families, so the children in Kinmen County could not grow up here and had to be referred to institutions in other cities and counties. The County Government and the Family Assistance Center worked together to recruit foster families and increase the number to eight. Still, they hope that more kind families will join them and help children receive good care and grow up healthy while staying in their home town.
 The Family Assistance Center also expressed its wish that the certification ceremony not only served as a way of thanking these foster families for their selfless devotion, but also reminded the public to give applause and recognition to these families, thus motivating them to further look after fostered children. The Center also looks forward to more people taking part in foster care services and opening their doors and hearts to abused and disadvantaged children.

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  • Date:2017-11-30