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Governor Arrives in Kinmen for Inspection, Magistrate Hopes for Assistance with Local Development

Governor Arrives in Kinmen for Inspection, Magistrate Hopes for Assistance with Local Development
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Dadan

After visiting Wuqiu Township to show concern, Governor Lin Tsu-Chia of Fujian Province arrived in Kinmen yesterday to inspect affairs of the provincial government, and was accompanied by Commander Hao Yi-Chih of Kinmen Defense Command, Secretary-General Li Chih-Hsiung, Secretary-General Huang Ching-Shun and related personnel to Dadan Island to inspect plans for opening the island for tourism. Governor Lin stated that Kinmen and Matsu must continue to develop, which was delayed due to battlefield administration in the past. Now that cross-Strait relations have improved, the government must dedicate even more time and make even more investments to compensate Kinmen and Matsu!
Governor Lin arrived in Kinmen by plane at around 9:00 A.M. yesterday to inspect affairs of the provincial government and convene a supervisors meeting. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai specially went to Kinmen Airport to welcome the governor to Kinmen again, his first visit with Premier Chang San-Cheng to inspect Kinmen’s local constructions was over a month ago. For this visit, besides inspecting provincial government affairs, Governor Lin also expressed his concern for Kinmen residents!
Magistrate Chen mentioned Kinmen’s development issues to Governor Lin during his visit to Kinmen and asked the provincial and central governments for assistance with driving local development and prosperity. Governor Lin said: “We all support you, Magistrate Chen has done many things, good ideas for the big picture, you have our support if any plans are feasible. No problem.”
Governor Lin was accompanied by military commanders and heads of the provincial government, county government, and military personnel on the public service ship of the Tourism Department to Dadan Island at roughly 9:30 A.M. Regarding opening Dadan Island for tourism, Governor Lin said: “It’s very good!” It is good to preserve the original appearance of Dadan Island, and it will be good to develop and vitalize the island for tourism! Especially since the north side of Dadan Island is like a park, if the county government improves the infrastructure, the island has good potential for developing tourism, which is a very good direction!
When inspecting Dadan Island, Governor Lin visited Beian Temple, located at north point 08. The temple is a relatively large building on the island and contains Emperor Xuantian, Guanyin, and Guangong. Soldiers stationed on the island over the years have worshiped the deities, and the temple has been quite efficacious, earning the reputation “deity of the island.” Governor Lin prayed for the country to prosper and the people at peace, for people to be healthy, live in peace and enjoy their work, and for Kinmen and Matsu to be prosperous!
Also, Governor Lin visited the psychological warfare wall on Dadan Island, which writes “unify China under the three people’s principles” and is a tourism resource. The wall was left from during the war against communism. He also visited “Shenqian Tea Room” to taste cake, puffs, and drink tea, and also looked afar at Erdan Island. Kinmen County Government took over Dadan and Erdan Islands as approved by the Executive Yuan on July 1st, 2014. To diversify Kinmen’s tourism industry, the government plans to link together Dadan Island and Lieyu into a tourism package that will become a regular route, hoping to drive tourism development in Lieyu as well.
Preparations for handover of Dadan Island included repairing infrastructure on the island. The county government began repairing infrastructure on Dadan Island in advance last year in response to future requirements for tourism development, and related facility constructions were completed in January this year and are currently in the acceptance process. With regard to the repair of existing scenic spots on Dadan Island, many of the scenic spots on the control list (e.g. Xiaohushan, stone monuments, and Shenqian Tea Room) have several collapsed parts and urgently require repair to ensure the safety of tourists. In response, the county government plans to implement the “Dadan Island Tourism Scenic Spot Repair Plan,” detailed design, and construction procurement this year, and the repair is expected to be completed at the end of the year.
Dadan Island is currently still a military control area, and opening up the island is still under the purview of the Vital Area Regulations. The county government requested the Ministry of National Defense on January 12th this year to complete adjustments and announcement as soon as possible. The Ministry of National Defense is currently actively working on the matter and is expected to complete adjustment and announcement within the near future. With consideration to the historical background and geographic environment of Dadan and Erdan Islands, the county government established “Island Visit Regulations” under the instructions of the Executive Yuan, and have administrative personnel stationed on the island require organizations or individuals requesting to visit the island comply with relevant regulations.
In the future, tourism development plans for Dadan Island include operating principles, ice breaking schedule, travel route, port renovation, and short-term key tasks; in principle, these plans will not affect military defense affairs, will not damage the ecology of the small island, and will revitalize military resources. The first stage of trial operations is from the announcement date to the end of December this year, and qualifications are residents of Kinmen County, veterans who once served on Dadan or Erdan Island, organizations, government agencies, and schools (limited to the R.O.C.). The second stage of trial operations will be from January 1st to June 30th next year, and qualifications will be expanded to education, art, and religious groups (limited to the R.O.C.). Formal operations will begin after July 1st next year, and citizens of the R.O.C., foreigners, and peoples of China, Hong Kong, and Macau may apply according to policy and regulations. Each visit will be roughly 2.5 to 3 hours with a tour guide to explain military, culture, history, and tell stories. Means of transportation will be on foot or electric vehicle or tandem bicycles. Rest and snacks will be according to the military’s traditional way of receiving guests – at Shenqian Tea Room to taste specialty snacks.
The Tourism Department indicated that Dadan and Erdan Islands have both tourism and educational value due to their special historical background. Furthermore, the Cultural Affairs Bureau registered Dadan and Erdan Islands as “battlefield culture landscape” at the end of November 2013 due to the abundance of cultural heritage on the islands. Hence, when carrying out constructions on the island, the county government complied with cultural heritage related regulations to ensure that cultural heritage on the island can be sustainably preserved.
In addition, important cultural landscapes and facilities on Dadan and Erdan Islands include Dadan port and surrounding architectures, Jinpeng Tunnel and Dadan Hospital, Nanshan flag-raising platform and Dadan Temple, Dadan radio station, Xiaohushan, Shengming Rd. central tunnel, Shenqian Tea Room and Dadan spring, Beishan military facilities and Beishan Temple, Servicemen’s Recreation Center, and Erdan hero tunnel. The mysterious military culture landscapes of Dadan and Erdan Islands will become new attractions for Kinmen’s tourism.

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  • Date:2016-12-08