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A Hundred Reservists and Active Servicemen Participated in the Substitute Service Reservist Training

A Hundred Reservists and Active Servicemen Participated in the Substitute Service Reservist Training
November 14, 2017

Reporter: Wong Wei-Jhih/County Government’s report
Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Dian hosted Kinmen County’s 2017 Substitute Service Assignment Center’s promulgation and unveiling ceremony cum reservists’ training and active servicemen’s disaster prevention lecture. Deputy Director Liang Guo-Huei of the National Conscription Agency (Ministry of the Interior) and Division Head Wu Siou-Yue of the Agency’s Interests Division were also present to provide counsel for the event.
This event has been called the year’s finale training convention. Starting at 9:00 am on the 10th, 40 reservists and 60 active servicemen participated in the training at the county government’s multimedia presentation room. Director Chen Yong-Ming of the County’s Civil Affairs Department came to show his care about training participation of substitute service reservists, and active servicemen. Deputy Director Syu Huei-Ting, Secretary Shen Shao-Ming and Officer Chen Zai-Li of the Assignment Center all participated in the Center’s promulgation and unveiling ceremony.
Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Dian indicated after the National Conscription Agency’s Deputy Director Liang Guo-Huei unveiled the Center that substitute service reservists’ training is an important national policy. He took this opportunity to thank and welcome everyone on the behalf of Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, and wished everyone the best. Wu said that “Kinmen have changed a lot in the last few years. We can expect greater changes in the future. Kinmen’s future development depends on all of us. Only by giving hopes to the young people can Kinmen talents have hopes. I hope that everyone can give Kinmen some thoughts, and think about how to contribute more to this land.”
“Looking at you, I recall my own past,” said Wu. For the last three years, Magistrate Chen has built Kinmen’s basic infrastructure. At the same time, he is planning a beautiful governance vision, and emphasizes the importance of giving young people opportunities. Young people are the most vigorous groups, and Magistrate Chen welcomes everyone to come back and make Kinmen a better place. Magistrate Chen also welcomes everyone to come back and breathe on this beautiful land and make greater effort for the home town with forward-looking mentality!
With the unveiling of the Center, Kinmen County’s first Substitute Service Assignment Center is officially commissioned. The Civil Affairs Director Chen Yong-Ming will act concurrently as the Center’s Director, while Deputy Director Syu Huei-Ting will be the Center’s Deputy Director. Shen Shao-Ming will hold the post of Secretary concurrently and Chen Zai-Li will be the Officer. In the future, the Center’s operations will provide a multi-party communication platform for reservists. Regular contacts, interviews, and services will be used to realize marshaling and convening of human resources. A comprehensive manpower backup system will be established, which can be immediately deployed to support disaster rescue and prevention missions. It is also hoped that reservists can adequately use the Center’s resources. They may also request the Center’s assistance when necessary and make the Center a good partner.
In his speech, National Conscription Agency’s Deputy Director Liang Guo-Huei pointed out that this reservist training, equivalent to education recall of reservists in the past, represents an exercise of the public power, which is similarly valid for both reservists and active servicemen. This reservist troop is also the most self-disciplined voluntary force, and a good learning resource that worth participating. Liang sincerely hopes that the trainees may not only learn disaster prevention/rescue skills, but also devote themselves to public affairs. In the coming year, he encourages more reservists to actively participate in this training, and make more contributions and show more care for this land.
After the Center was licensed ad unveiled, the substitute service reservist training was immediately convened, and the opening ceremony for substitute services’ on-the-job training began. Through the recall and training, disaster prevention education was given to both substitute service reservists and active servicemen alike, so as to supply the necessary disaster rescue manpower for the county government. The course content included lecture and review on major disasters, disaster rescue laws, description of disaster rescue responses at each level of the government, CPR, and first aid practices and drilling. Hopefully, the training can improve the trainees’ basic disaster rescue/prevention knowledge and prepare them for emergencies. This way, the trainees will be able to help themselves and others in an emergency.
The Civil Affairs Department indicated that according to Article 59 of the Enforcement Statute for Substitute Services, “the male citizens in the Substitute Services having completed the required Substitute Services shall be covered in duty organization on the grounds of the categories of services, expertise, physical grading for routine training in peacetime and shall be called into service of duties in wartime.” Discharged servicemen (unless meeting recall exemption conditions) can be recalled for training within eight years of their discharge. This is to ensure sufficient supply of disaster rescue reserve manpower for the establishment of a sound emergency response system.
Civil Affairs Director Chen Yong-Ming stated at the end of the training that substitute servicemen, be them in the police force, fire department, medical institutions or public administration, have their own expertise, and shall be included in the education recall like the reservists. The operation of the Substitute Service Assignment Center aims at establishing a substitute service reservist system that can be effectively utilized in case of disasters. The over 1,000 substitute service reservists in the county may help in disaster investigation, disaster support, and post-disaster recovery. A sound substitute service system can thus be established to help safeguard the home land.
In addition, Director Chen also presented the completion of training certificates to the servicemen who participated in the training. He thanked everyone again for their participation. He truly believes that the trainees’ disaster rescue skills can be improved through the training. The training may not only benefit the trainees for a life’s time, but also allow communities and neighborhoods to exert their critical force for rescue. At the same time, it improves the county government’s reserve force to deal with future disaster rescue/prevention work.

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