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Developing Kinmen into a Wireless Island, Magistrate: First Improve Reception to Provide Internet Access throughout the Island

Developing Kinmen into a Wireless Island, Magistrate: First Improve Reception to Provide Internet Access throughout the Island
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report
In response to discussions on restarting the Kinmen Wireless Island Plan, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai indicated that Kinmen is not a large island, so there must be good reception before talking about smart city or developing a wireless island, otherwise it will just be empty talk. He believes that the primary task at hand for developing Kinmen into a smart city is the network structure, especially how to increase internet penetration. Scenic spots are an issue that must be tackled in the current stage, and related departments must make overall plans for their budgets to produce the best results.
Therefore, improving the signal of mobile communication base stations is the most urgent matter to the county government in developing a smart city and wireless island. The magistrate demanded that the public sector set an example of building base stations not only once, and over the past year the Harbor Bureau Shuitou Port, Fire Department, Jinsha Fire Brigade, and four locations in Jinhu Stadium have set up base stations. The Mortuary Services Office and Social Welfare Building will soon complete their base station. The Agricultural Research Institute and Forestry Institute will begin construction after the design is verified by Chunghwa Telecom.
When Chunghwa Telecom previously visited Magistrate Chen, it indicated that the number of 4G base stations in Kinmen has reached 70% the number of 3G base stations, and roughly 20 4G base stations are currently under construction, not including union stations and small cells on street lights. There are currently plans to set up small cells on street lights on Huanbei N. Rd., Boyu Rd., and Taoyuan Rd.; reception has been improved on three roads and will be improved at five other locations. Furthermore, to improve the quality of mobile internet access in Kinmen County, the county government has requested the office of Legislator Yang Cheng-Wu by letter to urge central government agencies in handling related affairs. The Economic Affairs Department indicated that the NCC Department of Southern Region Affairs plans to visit Kinmen along with the five major telecom operators in Taiwan in mid-April, and convene a meeting for the improvement of reception quality and base stations in Kinmen. Besides inviting Deputy Magistrate Lin Te-Kung to host the meeting, Kinmen Defense Command, National Park Headquarters, Jinhu Township Office, Ceramic Factory, and the Industry and Commerce Section, Construction Management Section, and Urban Planning Section of the Economic Affairs Department will also be invited to coordinate base stations of 20 locations with poor reception, and will discuss the location of the base stations and review of construction permit, hoping to lay a solid foundation for developing Kinmen into a wireless island and smart city.

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  • Date:2016-12-08