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New Ship Launched for Mini Three Links – Maiden Voyage of Jin Ruei Long

New Ship Launched for Mini Three Links – Maiden Voyage of Jin Ruei Long
October 1st, 2017
Reporter: Syu Jyun-Kuei/Jincheng

To improve service quality and coordinate with the Maritime and Port Bureau’s old ship exchange for new ship policy, King Xia Marine Co., Ltd. completed the construction of Jin Ruei Long, an aluminum alloy twin-hull passenger ship, this August. The ribbon cutting ceremony for Jin Ruei Long was conducted on the morning of September 30th, and the ship embarked on its maiden voyage. The ship left the harbor at precisely 8’o clock, and officially entered the Kinmen-Xiamen transport service field.
Jin Ruei Long, a passenger ship newly built by King Xia Marine, is a technological collaboration between the two straits. This is also the first example of successful building of a high-end passenger ship. Xiamen COSCO and Afai Southern Shipyard based in Guangzhou provided technical guidance, CoCo Yachts Holland provided the design, and Singapore’s Glow Marine Pte Ltd. constructed the ship. The entire process took one year.
The ship’s maiden voyage ceremony took place at Shuitou Pier’s Pontoon No. 3 yesterday at 7:30am. The ceremony started with a lion dance to pray for smooth operations of the new ship. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, Kinmen county council speaker Hong Li-Ping, Lienchiang County Magistrate Liu Cheng-Ying, former national representative Yang Su-Yuan, legislator Yang Cheng-Wu, legislator Chen Hsueh-Sheng, deputy minister of the Mainland Affairs Council Chiu Chui-Cheng, director-general of the Maritime and Port Bureau David (Wei-Chun) Hsieh, and director-general of the National Immigration Agency Jeff Yang were present to cut the ribbon for the Jin Ruei Long maiden voyage ceremony.
Present at the ceremony with the VIPs to witness the maiden voyage of Jin Ruei Long, Chen Fu-Hai stated that Kinmen and Matsu have long played an important role in cross-strait exchange. During this exchange process, a good transportation facility is essential. Chen thanks King Xia Marine for providing this type of outstanding transportation service. This is a major investment, and shows that the company expects cross-strait exchange to increase.
Lienchiang County Magistrate Liu Cheng-Ying stated that this ship added vitality to cross-strait exchange, and is a show of how Kinmen is improving. He also appreciated King Xia Marine’s devotion to new ship building and its contribution to marine transportation development in Kinmen.
Deputy Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council Chiu Chui-Cheng stated that yesterday’s ceremony was a look back at 16 years of mini-three-link development. Deputy Minister Chiu recognized and thanked the company for becoming the future of the mini three links, and for promoting future development with actions.
At 8’o clock sharp, right after the conclusion of the ribbon cutting ceremony, the new ship slowly left the pier to embark on its maiden voyage to Wutong Port. The over 200 passengers abroad the ship were Kinmen Home to AI personnel, Sun Rise Parenting Home, and medical and social volunteers, who were awarded a free one-day trip to Xiamen.
The King Xia Marine Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, and the company subsequently purchased its Golden Dragon, New Golden Dragon, King Xiang Loong, and Quan King passenger ships from Australia and Japan. King Xia Marine operates passenger ships between Kinmen - Xiamen and Kinmen – Shijing, Quanzhou mini-three-link routes. Jin Ruei Long, an aluminum alloy twin-hull ship launched for the first time yesterday, was built by Singapore-based Glow Marine, designed by CoCo Yachts Holland, and reviewed by CR. Singapore’s GM entered into technical collaboration with Afai Southern Shipyard in Guangzhou while GM undertook the building of the ship. The ship’s main equipment and details are as follows: the ship is a twin-hull aluminum alloy ship that is 42.3 meters long, 10.4 meters wide, and can carry 318 passengers (including seats for four physically disable people). The ship has two German made MTU16V 2000M72 motors with a total of 3860 horse powers, as well as two MJP750 CSU DD jet propellers, and weighs 460 tons in total.
King Xia Marine indicated that Jin Ruei Long uses all new European equipment and has luxurious, comfortable cabins. The movement paths for passengers to get on and off the ship are wide and smooth, and space design for luggage makes their placement neat and orderly. Norway made Italian calf leather seats give passengers an experience similar to that of first-class airplane cabins. This ship is expected to encourage mini-three-link operators in Kinmen and Xiamen to join hands in improving the Kinmen-Xiamen link and become the first choice in convenient and economical cross-strait transport services.

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  • Date:2017-12-19