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Kenyan Champions at Kinmen Marathon Meet the Press

Kenyan Champions at Kinmen Marathon Meet the Press


Reported by: Li Jin-Ciang at Jinning


The press conference of the 11th Kinmen Marathon in 2018 was held at 11am yesterday. Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tien introduced the Kenyan road running stars Samuel Mungara Kamiti and Teclah Chebt, who have won full-marathon championship in the men’s and the women’s groups, respectively. He gave acknowledgement and blessings to the winning contestants, and hoped that after participating in the competition they had grown to like Kinmen more. He also promised to provide better-quality race tracks in the future, so that more contestants will come to Kinmen and that the event would be improved year after year.
The press conference of the 11th Kinmen Marathon was held at 11am yesterday at the second floor amphitheater of National Quemoy University (NQU), presided over by Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tien. Champions in the men’s and the women’s groups, Samuel Mungara Kamiti and Teclah Chebt from Kenya, Director of Education Department of the County Government Li Wun-Liang, Secretary-General Chen Hua-Heng of the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA), General Manager Gao of the Xiamen Media Group (XMG), and Sun Wei-Wei, the famous marathon veteran in Mainland China, attended the event.
Deputy Magistrate Wu admitted that the County Government was under pressure in organizing the Kinmen Marathon. If it was not held, many contestants from far away would be disappointed. Therefore, the County Government organized it with painstaking attention to detail. To ensure its success, Director of Education Department Li Wun-Liang adopted a vegetarian diet for two consecutive weeks and prayed for good weather on the competition day. The weather indeed improved in the last two days with a temperature very suitable for running, and the event went smoothly. Deputy Magistrate Wu stressed that the event has attracted contestants from more than 10 countries in the world, many from Mainland China and Taiwan, and has also seen outstanding athletes emerging in both the full-marathon and half-marathon groups, to whom he gave his best wishes. In particular, Kenyan athletes won both the men’s and women’s full-marathon championships; they are fitted to long-distance running both in training and body type, some advantages that are worth learning from. There are many long-distance runners in Kinmen who should also take the Kenyan training as a learning model. He believed the Kinmen Marathon would get better and better every year and become an international event.
Deputy Magistrate Wu pointed out that Kinmen is small in size yet very cosmopolitan. Its local permanent population is less than 100,000; but there are hundreds of thousands of fellow countrymen living in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei; therefore, Kinmen connects both sides of the Taiwan Strait. This year, many contestants from the coastal provinces of Mainland China participated in groups and added splendor to the marathon event. The County Government gladly welcomed their participation. To ensure a bustling and successful event, local civic organizations and schools gave their full support, preparing traditional local delicacies for the contestants to taste and hopefully leaving them a great impression of Kinmen. Moreover, the County Government would review and improve any shortcoming of the event to make it better and better every year, enabling the marathon to become a grand international event to attract more contestants from overseas and Mainland China. On behalf of Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, the deputy magistrate thanked everyone for their enthusiastic participation and promised to conduct an appropriate review for next year’s competition, coordinating with Kinmen’s local developments to continue providing facilities to meet the expectations of all friends who love road running and make Kinmen an island of leisure and sports. In the future, the County Government, CTRRA and all relevant agencies will make the most efforts to promote such a meaningful event, enabling regional tourism, cultural and industrial marketing to improve the overall economic benefits through the event.
Deputy Magistrate Wu hoped the event would get better and better. The County Government will also conduct reviews each year on its arrangements to coordinate with local developments, continuing to provide facilities to meet the expectations of all the marathon enthusiasts, increasing the safety to the sport, improving performance and challenging the contestants more, and helping Kinmen to become an island of leisure and sports!

CTRRA’s Secretary-General Chen Hua-Heng said that there are a number of relative conditions including temperature and humidity that pose challenges for road runners, in particular uphill and downhill tracks which are a major challenge. It is therefore not easy for contestants to finish with such a good performance.

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  • Date:2018-05-18