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Thanking VGH for Medical Help, Magistrate Pushes for Veterans Home in Kinmen

Thanking VGH for Medical Help, Magistrate Pushes for Veterans Home in Kinmen


Reported by Chen Guan-Lin in Jinhu

The inaugural ceremony of the new Director of Kinmen County Veterans Service Office (VSO), Lyu Ma-Ding, was held yesterday morning (19th). Minister of the Veterans Affairs Council (VAC), Li Siang-Jhou, travelled to Kinmen to attend the ceremony in person; Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai also attended the ceremony. At the tea party after the ceremony, the magistrate brought up a proposal to Minister Li, suggesting that the VAC set up a “Veterans Home” in Kinmen to benefit local veterans.

In his speech, Magistrate Chen praised the VAC minister for bringing good fortune to the people in Kinmen. He also thanked the VSO for providing better care, year after year, to local veterans and fellow countrymen. He described the new VSO Director Lyu Ma-Ding as someone who is highly experienced and well supported by the people, and pledged that the County Government would give full support to the VSO in taking good care of veterans.

Magistrate Chen then brought up the medical problems in Kinmen. He thanked the Veterans General Hospital (VGH) for its assistance; however, he suggested that a “Veterans Home” should be set up in Kinmen, as in many other cities and counties in Taiwan, so that local veterans could receive exclusive care. He hoped that the VAC could provide assistance in policy making whereas the County Government would strive to provide the budget.
In fact, as far back as when the magistrate served as a legislator, he had initiated a proposal to set up a “Veterans Home” in Kinmen. At that time, there were 18 veterans homes in Taiwan providing home care to elderly veterans. However, Kinmen did not have a veterans home to provide local veterans with home care and placement services in spite of the fact that it used to be a battlefield for a long time and veterans account for about a quarter of the total population. The Kinmen County Government had to establish the “Home to All” to provide the sheltering and placement functions, which was not justifiable. Chen therefore believed that it is urgent to set up a veterans home in Kinmen to provide both home care and medical services.

Minister Li replied that right now the Taipei VGH has seven branches, meaning the “maximum quota” of the veterans medical system has been reached. The VAC is willing to work with the County Government to improve the standard of medical services in Kinmen and set this as a priority. As for setting up a veterans home in Kinmen, he believed it would take a long time to build the facilities, which could not meet the urgent needs. He therefore suggested taking advantage of Taipei VGH’s resources in long-term care to help with elderly care services for veterans in Kinmen.

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  • Date:2018-05-18