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Vedan Wins KKL's Distribution Rights for Alcohol 48° and Below

Vedan Wins KKL's Distribution Rights for Alcohol 48° and Below
Reporter: Li Jin-Ciang/Jinning

Yesterday afternoon, KKL held a selection conference for the Distribution of Alcohol 48° and Below in Taiwan (except Kinmen). The review committee members unanimously agreed and Vedan easily won KKL's distribution rights for alcohol 48° and below due to its history of cooperation with KKL.

 KKL is an internationally recognized brand and is a leading liquor company with $10 billion of sales in Taiwan. Because alcoholic products are loved by many, the market closely watched this Selection for the Distribution of Alcohol 48° and Below in Taiwan (except Kinmen). KKL's original distributor, Vedan, actively and cautiously threw themselves into bid preparations. On August 24th, Vedan's Group Executive Director Yang Kun-Jhou led their Assistant General Manager Syu Cing-Jhen, Assistant Manager Lin Jhong-Sheng and other important members in attending the selection conference. After the detailed presentation by Vedan representatives, the committee members agreed that Vedan's past distribution of KKL's alcoholic products and their efforts in sales and marketing created a win-win for both Vedan and KKL. Their products, especially the “Cheers For Fighter,” have become an important alcoholic brand for the youth demographic.

Vedan Group's Executive Director Yang Kun-Jhou stated that they have finished scaling both overseas and in Taiwan and that capital has reached over $3.7 billion. In regards to the alcohol sales business, they have set up an Alcohol Sales Division for its management. They have distributed 38° KKL for many years and have abundant experience in operating in the market. They expect to deliver splendid results for KKL's distribution in this next phase of agent distribution.

KKL's chairman and general manager Chang Ming-Jen emphasized that Vedan, as well as all of their cooperative partners, are part of a joint community and that only by strengthening the market and opening up more consumer groups together can they accomplish greater achievements. KKL will continue to increase the value of the brand, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor, which is the hallmark company for the people of this region. KKL will also rely on all of its distribution partners to help promote the sales and will continue to maintain the highest quality of alcoholic products, as well as put in more marketing resources. This will help to create the greatest value for their products and give back to all of their hard-working partners. (Don't drink and drive)

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  • Date:2017-12-12