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Magistrate: Combine Folk Celebrations to Increase Tourism Benefits

Magistrate: Combine Folk Celebrations to Increase Tourism Benefits
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Summary Report

In order to achieve balanced development of the five townships in Kinmen County, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai believes that the government should look into the feasibility of different townships taking turns organizing local cultural events, and to set aside a budget in the annual estimates if necessary. With regard to Wudao Religious and Cultural Festival, he pointed out that the specialties of each township should be used for promoting their respective themes, and they should work with travel agencies to attract tourists to Kinmen. Furthermore, he asked townships to first find suitable locations for holding cultural events, which will in principle be held in the form of tours. Scale is not a concern in the events, and local features and participation should be the primary objectives.
On the creation of an atmosphere for cultural events in each area, the Cultural Affairs Bureau responded that it organized a new year countdown party in Jincheng Township in 2016, invited Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group to perform at Jinhu Elementary School, and also invited performers to perform in Jinhu Township Arena during Chinese New Year, making the holiday extraordinarily bustling. It will consider the feasibility of organizing future cultural events in different townships based on the expected number of visitors.
The Education Department pointed out that cultural events it organizes are mainly in Jincheng Township due to venue limitations, but it will try to organize cultural events in other townships and even communities to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas, and also give residents of other townships the opportunity to be nurtured by culture, thereby intensifying the cultural atmosphere of other townships; they will have the opportunity to participate in high quality cultural events even though they are in remote areas, e.g. Chinese New Year concert was not only held in the performance hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, but also in the Livestock Research Institute, Jinsha Theater, and Shanwai Basketball Court.
To increase interactions between schools and communities, the Education Department implemented a number of projects in 2016, including fully utilizing idle spaces of schools, and expanding facilities for art and culture exhibitions. The Education Department hopes to provide the resources for future community integration and application, and deliver art to remote communities to elevate the living standards.
As to measures of the Tourism Department to promote specialties of each township for tourism, during the “2016 Township Specialty Tourism Event Preliminary Review Meeting,” the department passed on the magistrate’s expectations and direction township offices and department representatives to plan closer connections between events, tourism and industries, using tourism events to promote specialty industries of each township and thus attract tourists to visit Kinmen.
Regarding the “Kinmen City God Festival,” the magistrate instructed folk celebrations to be linked together, integrated, packaged, and molded into “Kinmen Prayer Season” to attract tourists from across the Taiwan Strait and create tourism benefits.
Related events will become more refined for visitors feel the difference and honored. Government involvement should not be simply to hold events, it should use the 20/80 principle to attract tourists by investing only a little amount of funds; this will be the future direction of tourism development.
Of course, “Kinmen Prayer Season” must be gradually formed and visitors will be from expanded cross-Strait cultural and religious exchanges. He hopes to effectively negotiate with Taiwan affairs offices and tourism departments of China to encourage Chinese tourists to visit Kinmen. More intensive ad campaigns must be launched before major events to expand participation, and cost effectiveness analysis must be carried out afterwards, as well as review meetings, so as to provide a basis for improving future events.
The Tourism Department will continue to carry out activity promotion and live broadcasting of the 412 procession under the instructions of Magistrate Chen, and strengthen the brand image of “Kinmen City God Reception – Wudao Religious and Cultural Festival.”
Furthermore, the Tourism Department has high expectations for Kinmen’s tourism with the integration of tourism resources and implementation of promotion plans, in which the preparation for issuing “tourism passports for independent travelers” and implementation of “Kinmen off season tourism promotion plan” are expected to increase the number of independent travelers and increase the number of tourists during the off season, which will create great benefits to Kinmen’s tourism.

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  • Date:2016-12-08