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Number of Travelers Set New Record, Magistrate: Create a Better Environment

Number of Travelers Set New Record, Magistrate: Create a Better Environment
Reporter: Yang Shui-Yung / Summary Report

Due to the special geographic location of Kinmen and the number of travelers via the mini three links constantly reaching new heights, there have been delicate changes to the quality and quantity of travelers, and the number of independent travelers has shown sequential growth each year. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai has visited both sides of the Taiwan Strait in hopes of gaining policies beneficial to Kinmen, and hopes that Kinmen will be valued even more in cross-Strait economic and trade with excellent prospects for tourism! As the foundation for supporting tourism, Magistrate instructed in numerous important meetings to “create an excellent travel environment that will make tourists want to come again.” Kinmen County Maintenance and Repair Office thus began a series of road repairs, strictly controlled efficient street light operation, and implemented the “road-smoothing project.” Besides providing a safe travel environment, it also renovated and beautified parks under its jurisdiction to improve the quality of the travel environment.
The Maintenance and Repair Office indicated that parks under its jurisdiction include Juguanghu Park, Shidiao Park, Seashore (Lion Fortress) Park, Houhu Seashore Park, Lanhu Park, Koxinga Shrine, Nanshihu Park, Zhihui Park, Aijia Park, and Yangshan Park in Lieyu, of which six parks are in Jincheng, one park is in Jinning, and three parks in Jinhu; based on park attributes, Houhu Seashore Park, Liaoluo Nanshihu Park, and Jincheng Seashore Park are seashore parks offering beautiful but different coastal scenery.
The Maintenance and Repair Office said that Houhu Seashore Park is now a major destination for residents and tourists during the summer after large scale refurbishment by the Tourism Department; Nanshihu Park is located in Liaoluo, which somewhat remote, but the beautiful scenery and large lake formed in the granite mine is also a feature; Jincheng Seashore Park is located at the estuary of Wujiang River with an exquisite view of the sunset, seashore ecology, and birds, also offering a view of Jiangong Island and Lieyu.
Furthermore, lake (river) side parks include Lanhu Park, Juguanghu Park, and Shidiao Park; while Zhihui Park, Koxinga Shrine and Yangshan Park in Lieyu are also memorials. Aijia Park behind Mos Burger is a new urban park built after zone expropriation, providing residents of nearby communities with a place of leisure and beautiful scenery.
The Maintenance and Repair Office welcomes travel agencies to arrange for tourists to visit parks and see the scenery, which will enrich their itinerary, and also welcomes residents to take a stroll or power walk at their nearby parks. To give tourists a good impression of park facilities in Kinmen, the office indicated that it painted facilities and planted trees and plants in Zhihui Park, painted the doors and pillars of Koxinga Shrine, painted and reinforced Boyu Pavilion, mended the wooden trail in Yangshan Park, painted the statue of Chiang Ching-Kuo, and painted the pavilion. The original safety fence in Shidiao Park was renovated and improved into a green fence; mending of the wooden trail in Yangshan Park was carried out by foreman Shih Chao-Jui and employees of Jincheng Seashore Park along with employees of Yangshan Park using procured materials to cut down on cost.
Zhihui Park was built in the year Mr. Wu Zhi-Hui was buried at sea, and is situated next to Shuitou Port. The park offers a complete view of Shuitou Port because of the higher elevation, and also allows visitors to look afar at Lieyu, China, and Jinlie Waterway. The Maintenance and Repair Office said that there is a pavilion in the park, and in the center of the pavilion is a monument with the words “Mr. Wu Zhi-Hui Burial At Sea Memorial Pavilion” by Chiang Kai-shek. At the end of the park is a bronze statue of Mr. Ching Heng.
The Maintenance and Repair Office pointed out that Shidiao Park uses locally mined granite, local talent and techniques to create stone carvings with Kinmen features, becoming the first park in Kinmen to combine domestic culture and modern art styles, highlighting, showing the hard work of ancestors of Kinmen to develop the land, while serving tourism and leisure functions featuring stone carving culture and landscape.
The cenotaph of Koxinga was originally near Shanqian Village, but was relocated by the Cheng family to Xiashu Village in the southwest suburbs of Jincheng Township, because the original location was needed for a road and military purposes. The new cenotaph was completed in 1969 in the form of an ancient palace. When Chiang Ching-Kuo was the premier of the R.O.C., he instructed the military to build the shrine in memory of Cheng Cheng-Kung, who was a hero at the end of the Ming Dynasty that fought against the Qing Dynasty; the shrine faces the hometown of Cheng Cheng-Kung in Shijing, Fujian. Koxinga Shrine is located in Hougaogang in Xiashu Village, where there is a vast view of Kinmen Strait, Kinmen, and Lieyu. It is where Cheng Cheng-Kung watched his troops at sea and also trained them in the past.
Yangshan (陽山) located in the south of Lieyu is also known as Yangshan (楊山) and called Xiangshan in ancient times. The mountain is 69 m high and connected to Dashanding with distribution of basalt near the peak covered on weathered granite gneiss. The Maintenance and Repair Office indicated that besides a statute of Mr. Chiang Ching-Kuo, there is also a stone tablet made by the soldiers stationed here that reads “Wu Wang Zai Ju (Don’t forget national humiliation in time of peace and security)”; there are two other stone tablets, one of which contains the meaning of the four words and was written by Mr. Chin Hsiao-I, former director of the National Palace Museum. The statue of Mr. Chiang Ching-Kuo is in a sitting posture with a smile on his face, showing his style of being close to the people; this is one of very few statues of him in the area.

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  • Date:2016-12-08