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County Government to Issue Consumption Coupons for Visitors to Kinmen

County Government to Issue Consumption Coupons for Visitors to Kinmen
By Wong Weizhi, reported from County Hall

After Kinmen was devastated by Typhoon Moranti, the local tourism industry fell into a recession. To attract tourists to visit Kinmen and stimulate consumption, Kinmen County Government has decided to issue the “2016 Tourist Consumption Coupons.” 50,000 coupons of NT$100 in denomination are to be issued in combination with various special offer packages from related businesses to encourage tourists to visit Kinmen.

According to the Tourism Department, the Tourist Consumption Coupons will be for visitors only. Tourists over (including) 12 years of age entering Kinmen between Monday and Thursday can present their plane or boat tickets, IDs and proof of accommodation (receipts or invoices) to pick up consumption coupons at designated locations. Those traveling in groups can have their coupons picked up by their travel agents.

The number of coupons to be given is determined in accordance with the length of stay. Visitors can get two coupons (NT$200) if they stay one night and five coupons (NT$500) if they stay two nights or longer. The activity is schedule d to take place from Nov. 1, 2016 to Jan. 15, 2017 or until all the 50,000 coupons are given out. The Tourist Department would like to remind tourists to seize the opportunity and tourism businesses have also been requested to help promote the activity. According to the Tourism Department, tourists may use the coupons at designated business establishments, including hotels, specialty product stores, car rental services, restaurants and eateries, etc. However, the coupons cannot be cashed and no change will be given.

The Tourism Department welcomes legally registered local businesses to participate to extend the scope of the activity. Businesses interested in becoming part of the activity can register starting today until Oct. 10, 2016. Meanwhile, to facilitate payment, businesses can submit related documents to the Kinmen County Tourism Association to be forwarded to the Tourism Department to apply for payment for the coupons they receive.

Related information:

1. Businesses interested in participating in the activity may call the following numbers to register: (082) 336638, 0919785085 Mr. Wang or (082) 318823 ext. 62716 Ms. Guo.
2. Locations where tourists can pick up consumption coupons include Kinmen County Tourism Department at 4F, No. 7, Minsheng Road, Jincheng Town, Kinmen County and the Jincheng Station Tourist Service Center.
3. Note that the activity takes place between Nov. 1, 2016 and Jan. 15, 2017. No coupons will be available after this period.

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  • Date:2016-12-08