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Quemoy International Music Festival: Hard Rock and Roll Kicks off the Show Tonight

Quemoy International Music Festival: Hard Rock and Roll Kicks off the Show Tonight

Reporter: Syu Jia-Tai/Lieyu

The Quemoy International Music Festival enters the second week, and today’s show will be the 5th in a row. After the exciting opening ceremony and 3 consecutive music concerts performed by different artists of different music types, tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. we will present you the most outstanding and excellent hard rock and roll artists throughout the country.

To introduce all kinds of Taiwan’s musical performances into Kinmen and for attracting cross-strait youngsters’ participation, this year’s Quemoy International Music Festival has organized a series of music themes for each week. In tonight’s theme, “Taiwan’s New Wave,” we have invited 3 hard rock bands that are most welcomed by current Taiwanese young people to perform in the festival. The band “Emerging from the Cocoon (EFTC)” has published several albums and once made it to the top 10 bands of Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival. Recently, the band has finished their concert tour in South Korea and other Asia countries with their vigorous live performances. The other two bands that will be performing tonight, “Endtrocity” and “Fake Adult Project,” are active young bands famous for their original songs in Taiwan’s music industry. The bands’ music is full of power and their lyrics often express their concern about social issues. In recent years, they have become more and more popular among the youth in Taiwan and are often invited to perform in major music festivals. Quemoy International Music Festival with its various music performances provides the best stage for band and artists to perform. Houhu Seashore Park, together with its beautiful night view and amazing live performances, is a place that a music fan like you must not miss.

During the 2-month Quemoy International Music Festival, in addition to the wonderful music at Houhu Seashore Park, there are beach water slides available at the venue for both children and adults to cool themselves and enjoy their time every day. The deckchairs with parasols at the cozy corners are the most occupied recreational facilities at the beachside on hot summer days. When the wonderful musical performances unfold at night, all kinds of delicacies and game booths at the site become tourists’ favorites.

The Kinmen County Government calls for local residents and tourists to slow down on their way (on Donghu Road) to Houhu Seashore Park, and to follow the police’s instructions to jointly maintain the traffic order and safety. We cordially invite you to visit Kinmen with family and friends this summer for the beautiful summer scenes at Hohu Seashore Park.

For more event information, please go to the official website of Quemoy International Music Festival: www.quemoymusicfest.com or search “Quemoy International Music Festival” on Facebook.

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  • Date:2017-12-12