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Mainland Testing Tour Groups Visit Kinmen to Check out Agricultural Specialty Products and KKL

Mainland Testing Tour Groups Visit Kinmen to Check out Agricultural Specialty Products and KKL
Nov. 28, 2016
By Li Jinqiang, reported from Jincheng

After the magistrates and mayors of the eight counties and cities under KMT administration called on mainland China, Chinese authorities approved an 8-day-7-night “Friendly City Agricultural Specialty and Feature Gift Shopping Testing Tour Group” to be led by Vice Director Liu Ting of the Taiwan Affairs Office of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives to visit Taiwan. The group arrived on the 21st this month. After traveling to the seven blue-camp counties and cities in Taiwan, the group arrived at the last stop Kinmen yesterday to check out local agricultural specialty products and Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. According to Liu Ting, the focus of the 8-day-7-night itinerary was to check out local agricultural specialty products. Both sides would also discuss to achieve consensus on sales channel establishment, brand promotion, supply stability and customs clearance. Agreement on following market mechanisms and expanding cooperation on a regular basis was also reached. However, related details would not be finalized before further negotiations. The members of the group include representatives from both the business sector and the government, such as Director Wang Song of the Department of Market and Economic Information of the Ministry of Agriculture, Shanghai Fruits Co., Ltd., Nantong Fruits and Groceries Co., Ltd., China Tea Marketing Association, and so on.

Liu Ting said the group was organized as a result of an invitation from eight counties and cities in Taiwan. The members included related associations and retail businesses and they came to hold consultations in the eight counties and cities. During the 7-day tour, they checked out the agricultural specialty products of different counties and cities and liked the people and scenery of there. Both sides exchanged ideas, discussed how to establish sales channels, promote brands, stabilize supply and clear customs and achieved consensus. It was also agreed that both sides would follow market mechanisms and cooperate on a regular basis. According to her, all the members of the group were willing to cooperate to promote fruit, tea and packaged foods from Taiwan. One of them even promised to purchase 3,000 tons of Taiwanese fruit. Talks on the possibilities of other product items would continue. Positive results could be expected.

According to Liu Ting, the group first visited Maestro Wu after arriving in Kinmen and was shown the knife-making processes. The second stop was Chen Jinfu Peanut Candy Factory where they tasted the most famous peanut candy in Kinmen. Afterwards, they called on KKL and were greeted by Deputy Council Speaker Wu Chengdian and Senior Executive Wong Zibao from the county government as well as KKL Chairperson Huang Jingshun and General Manager Che Zhengguo. After a briefing, they went to the assembly lines and tasted some freshly produced kaoliang. They also saw the liquor production processes. Liu Ting pointed out that the focus of the tour was to check out agricultural specialty products and good things had to be inspected slowly. Therefore, they only checked the more representative products this time. Next month, a special fair would be held in Beijing to showcase specialty products from the eight counties and cities. It had been a short trip; hence, conclusions on the products they had seen would require further consultations before decisions could be made.

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  • Date:2016-12-08