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Chen Fu-Hai: The County Government Administration Has No Fear of Being Tested

Chen Fu-Hai: The County Government Administration Has No Fear of Being Tested
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Kinmen County Government

“I believe that some people will put the county government’s administration over the past year or so under a magnifying glass” said Chen Fu-Hai unwaveringly during the supervisors meeting yesterday, “everything I’ve done is to lay the foundation for Kinmen’s overall future development, and I have maintained my original intentions for entering politics. I have never done anything for personal gain, but in hopes of creating absolutely positive value for this land. So politicians must have the right heart and right thoughts, help yourself and people and the heavens will also help you, and you will not fear being tested.”
These words were said by Magistrate Chen out of personal feeling during the 11th supervisors meeting of Kinmen County Government in 2016. During the meeting, he also encouraged members of the team that creativity in administration will touch others, empathize with the people of Kinmen to inspire good strategies and also gain the people’s recognition. As for failed attempts he stressed: “every case can be used as a lesson, in which we not only see issues and find issues, but also think of ways to resolve issues.”
Gaining Support from Environmental Protection Groups for an Otter Ecology Museum
With regard to the Otter Ecology Museum and Rescue Center, Magistrate Chen indicated that otter rescue was a routine affair before the Otter Rescue Center was established, and he hoped that the Economic Affairs Department will pool its resources with the private sector, establish standard operating procedures, and also make friends with environmental protection groups, which is an important task. He believes that they will be able to gain support from environmental protection groups through interaction, listening, and understanding.
As for the delay in on-arrival visas for Chinese tourists in Kinmen, he believes that this may be related to the political atmosphere, but whether or not we provide a friendly travel environment is also a key point of observation. There are rumors that Taiwan will repeat the mistake of Hong Kong of opposing China after May 20th, and the Tourism Department should make early efforts to create a friendlier travel environment.
On exchanges with other counties and cities, he asked the responsible department to first investigate exchange requirements of each county and city, and then arrange the priority of tasks based on level of urgency. In response, the Civil Affairs Department indicated that has exerted great effort for the Central Election Committee to move its “14th President and Vice President and 9th Legislator Election Affairs Review Meeting” to Kinmen in early May this year, at which time over 120 government officials and election affairs personnel of each county and city will visit Kinmen. Also, the 2017 national civil affairs director meeting will also be held in Kinmen under the efforts of Director-General Wang Chung-Sheng.
With regard to whether or not cow feces will affect ground water, Magistrate Chen said: “Ground water is the most precious resource for descendants of Kinmen, and we absolutely cannot let it become depleted in our generation.” Therefore, he hoped the Economic Affairs Department will cooperate with the Environmental Protection Bureau in comprehensive inspections of the hygiene conditions of cow farms in the area, and deterrence must first be achieved in the control of environmental pollutants. Furthermore, even though preliminary results are being seen in roadside tree landscaping, he believes that “beautification” requires some training and funds. Basically, we are not afraid of “spending money,” if there is insufficient manpower and budget, an open contract may be considered to outsource to professionals, and subsequent efforts must be made in the “story-telling” aspect of landscapes, that is using landscape greening to create topics of discussion and achieve landscape that is pleasing to the view and joint participation.
Turning cemeteries into parks, efforts in sustainability
Furthermore, Magistrate Chen said that annual budget execution rate should be an important considering when budgeting for the following year. Many departments like to set high budget amounts but lack execution ability, and he thus asked the Accounting and Statistics Department to formulate a control standard. Regarding the development of cemeteries into parks, he specially emphasized the “grand strategy,” “We want to do sustainable things in Kinmen that will last 5 years, 10 years and even 20 years” he said. An adoption mechanism by communities or religious groups should also be considered, and more thorough plans and management must be in place from the perspective of users so that it will make a difference for residents.
As for other issues, such as traffic signs, he believes that a reasonable and comprehensive inspection must be completed, especially since most vehicles are not in the habit of letting pedestrians go first, and pedestrians are in the habit of not taking the crosswalk, so the transportation department must establish concrete regulations. Furthermore, facilities around the county stadium should be fully utilized to plan an exercise route the same as bicycle paths, so that residents will have a larger place to exercise.
On the reconstruction of four military dependents’ villages in Zhonghe, he warned government departments to remember the lesson from the previous case, adopted a more open approach and way of thinking, give priority to outsourcing, review policy and laws, and fully listen to the opinions of elected representatives and residents to ensure the direction is correct and process is successful.
Biomass energy is an important link in the low carbon island plan. To prevent “Kinmen low carbon island” from becoming empty talk, he suggested that Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. take the lead and for the Economic Affairs Department to actively provide technical and administrative support. As for making logistics between Kinmen and Xiamen more convenience and lowering customs tariffs, Magistrate Chen will seek support from governments of all levels when he visits China in the near future. Regarding the proposal from Kinmen, he hoped it would be more concrete and feasible and include it in the annual plan.
As departments are planning projects and reviewing proposals, he hoped that they will have a macro perspective and bravely challenge ground breaking and innovative projects within the confines of the law, and not stubbornly try to resolve short-term issues. Especially for major projects, he hoped to present the projects in 3D animations to clearly communicate the concept of the project.
Overseas compatriots donating their ancient houses is a very good example
Finally, Magistrate Chen pointed out that the family of overseas compatriot Wu You-Keng donated the ancient house and relics of their ancestor Wu Hsin-Chuan to the county government, which is a very good example. The Cultural Affairs Bureau should treat it as an important donation and formulate the best revitalization plan; various communities and residents should be invited to witness the results in hopes that they will emulate the family. Also, the “mobile reading” plan of the Cultural Affairs Bureau should be carefully planned, giving consideration to concrete benefits that will make a difference for citizens; the Cultural Affairs Bureau can refer to the experience of other counties and cities as well as the opinions of various communities. Furthermore, he specially requested the Social Affairs Department to plan leisure or social activities for the elderly in different communities, hoping to see more interactions between the elderly and youth, give the elderly an opportunity to participate in social activities, so that the elderly will feel valued and younger.
It is noteworthy that Kinmen’s first MRI will soon begin use; Kinmen hospital has added many medical services in the past 18 months. Hence, he asked the Health Bureau to step up health education promotion and implement health exam follow-up, so that citizens can achieve early discovery and early treatment, fully utilizing local medical resources for the county government’s medical investments to show their true value.
The Kinmen City God Festival, the focus of public attention, will soon be opening, and even though this major event is not organized by the county government, the county government should still comprehensively examine the readiness of the transportation and travel environment, and further make improvements. For example, the provision of public bicycles, car rental, and taxi services should be more detailed in scenic spots and markets, so as to provide the most convenient travel services.

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  • Date:2016-12-08