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County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Visited Central Government in Person to Fight for Salary Raise Subsidy for Government Employees, Public School Teachers and Military Personnel

County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Visited Central Government in Person to Fight for Salary Raise Subsidy for Government Employees, Public School Teachers and Military Personnel
Reporter: Wong Wei- Jhih/ Summary Report

The Central Government has announced a 3% pay raise for government employees, public school teachers and military personnel next year; yet Kinmen did not receive any subsidy from the Central Government. The County Government immediately held a press conference to express its strong opposition, and submitted two official requests to the Executive Yuan to ask for subsidy without any positive response. Fujian Provincial Government Secretary-General Wong Ming-Jhih and Legislator of Kinmen County Yang Cheng-Wu openly fought for the subsidy at both the Central Government and Legislative Yuan. This issue was also simultaneously brought to the Control Yuan. Yet all the attempts failed.

At the same time, Kinmen County Council held its 6th periodical meeting of the 6th term on November 24th to review the 2018 budget of the Kinmen County. The 2nd division of the review team examined the budget proposed by the Accounting and Statistics Department. County councilors also expressed their discontent, asserting that at the early times Kinmen was scarified for the whole nation and now most of the profits of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. have been submitted to the Central Government, yet Kinmen was being treated unfairly in regard to the pay raise subsidy. The County councilors thus asked the County Government to be more aggressive in opposing it.

Hence, County Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai followed the suggestion of the councilors and submitted an official request to National Development Council Minister Chen Mei-Ling and Fujian Provincial Government Governor Chang Ching-Sen, respectively, on November 25th, asking them to convey the opinions of Kinmen citizens to the Premier. Yesterday the Magistrate, escorted by Accounting and Statistics Department Director Wang Kun-Long and Civil Affairs Department Director Chen Yong-Ming, went to the Executive Yuan to solicit support from the Central Government in regard to fair treatment of Kinmen. Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics Minister Chu Tzer-Ming explained that in recent years the pay raise subsidy provided by the Central Government to local governments has been categorized under General Grants, which means that the Central Government will decide whether a grant is to be given depending on whether the local governments face a basic financial deficit. Since Kinmen County is not short of budget, the Central Government is unable to subsidize the pay raise. This calculation system for General Grants has been established since 1999, and all cities and counties should

After negotiations, due to the current legislation, the Central Government will still not subsidize the pay raise. However, Minister Chu acknowledged the County Government’s efforts in financial administration. He suggested the County Government to submit a concrete subsidiary plan to the Central Government, and promised to provide full support to compensate for the lack of subsidy (which should be NT$80 million if granted). Without any delay, Magistrate instructed relevant departments to investigate regional construction requirements, propose feasible programs that have positive impact on the citizens and submit them to the Central Government as soon as possible.

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  • Date:2018-01-02