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Meeting Wang Ling, Chen Fu-Hai expresses hopes to make Kinmen An Island of Peace.

Meeting Wang Ling, Chen Fu-Hai expresses hopes to make Kinmen An Island of Peace.
March 15th, 2017
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / Kinmen County Government Report

A delegation of nine from mainland China, led by Wang Ling, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Fujian Province, China, departed from southern Taiwan and arrived in Kinmen yesterday to begin their two-day visit. In the afternoon, Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai of Kinmen County met Wang and the members of the delegation. They discussed the exchange and cooperation between Kinmen, Xiamen, and the rest of Fujian in terms of tourism, economy and trade, and the livelihood of the people. The media asked whether the flights of the Mini-Three Links will be reduced or even suspended during this year’s BRICS meeting. “I’ve never heard about it,” Wang replied personally.
Wang took an airplane from Kaohsiung International Airport to Kinmen at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean of Kinmen County went to Shang Yi Airport and welcomed them personally. Wang led a delegation of 9 officials from the Departments of Secretary, Liaison, Economy, and Integration, Taiwan Affairs Office of Fujian Province; the Taiwan Affairs Offices of Fuzhou City, Xiamen City, and Longyan City; and the Straits Forum. “Today when I got off the airplane at Kinmen, I felt a wave of familiarity with the thickness and richness of the local accent and atmosphere, as well as the infrastructure development of Kinmen,” Wang said. She shared a profound sense that Taiwan and mainland China are one family.
The media asked whether the flights of Mini-Three Links will be reduced or even suspended during the BRICS meetings. To this, Wang replied personally, “I’ve never heard of it.” The media then asked whether Shijing will replace Wutong as a destination of Mini-Three Links. To that, Wang still said “I’ve never heard of it.” She also said the information on the “meetings of BRICS” can be obtained through the press kit to be released at the press conference.
Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai of Kinmen County met Wang and the delegation in the Magistrate’s Office. They were accompanied by Deputy Magistrate Wu Cherng-Dean, Senior Executive Wong Zih-Bao, Director-General Chen Mei-Ling of the Tourism Department, Director-General Chang Chung-Min of the Public Works Department, Director-General Li Bin of the Economic Affairs Department, Chief Secretary Chen Jin-Wun of Kinmen County Government, and Director Syu Jheng-Fang of Kinmen County Waterworks. From the perspective of Kinmen, cross-strait exchange is beneficial, Magistrate Chen said. He expressed his desire to make contributions to Taiwan and mainland China, to make Kinmen an island of peace, and to handle well all matters relating to the livelihood and well-being of the cross-strait populace. Whatever needs the people have should be addressed, and the goal to ‘increase cross-strait integration and improve the welfare of the people of Kinmen’ should be advanced.
Taiwan’s political affairs have seen some subtle changes since May 20th of last year, Magistrate Chen said. Nevertheless, Kinmen, Xiamen, and the rest of Fujian have served a critical foundation for friendship between the two sides of the strait, and there have been many good friends and V.I.P.’s, such as Terry Gou, visiting Kinmen recently, he also said. Terry Gou has abundant experience with economic development on both sides of the strait, and the fact that he chose Kinmen as the location to set up a cross-strait medical tourism zone at this time of political volatility has a significant meaning for Kinmen investment!
Magistrate Chen highlighted Kinmen’s profound foundation in the exchange and cooperation with Fujian Province of China and stressed Kinmen’s critical role in facilitating cross-strait exchanges. He said he was going to lead a religious exchange group consisting of nearly 1,700 people to visit Dongshan on March 16th, 2017. He pointed out that Taiwan is a beautiful island and Kinmen is a beautiful garden, and then asked the officials of Kinmen County Government to welcome Wang with warm applause!
After introducing the members of her delegation, Wang indicated that this time the delegation traveled to Taiwan through Matsu via the Mini-Three Links. Every member of the delegation has been to Kinmen several times and is familiar with Kinmen. Wang indicated that this was her first visit to Kinmen since she assumed the office of the Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Fujian Province, China. She said she met Magistrate Chen with a brief handshake during a summit last year, and after that, she met him a few more times in person. This time she came solely for the purpose of visiting Kinmen.
In the past, Kinmen has played an important role in cross-strait exchange and many exchanges that took place in Kinmen were unprecedented, with tremendous historical significance, Wang said. The signing of the Kinmen Agreement, for instance, has a meaningful impact. In addition, currently, there is a project that aims to divert water from mainland China to Kinmen. Mainland China is ready to divert water, and the project may hopefully be implemented by the end of the year. Wang emphasized that increasing cross-strait exchange is constantly forging forward and has resulted in many concrete, beneficial outcomes.
Wang offered her commendations of Magistrate Chen’s continued attention on how Kinmen should continue to play an ambitious and unique role in cross-strait exchange in the current state of cross-strait relations, and appreciated the Magistrate’s ideas on how to improve and enlarge the tourism sector of Kinmen through studies conducted through many channels. Wang believes it is beneficial to leverage tourism to increase the demands and propel the development of various sectors.
Wang took note of Magistrate Chen’s desire to set up a free economic pilot zone in Kinmen for cross-strait exchange and cooperation, given Kinmen’s geographical closeness to Xiamen and complementary advantages. Wang thinks the Magistrate has many good ideas and concrete plans that are particularly pragmatic. She came this time to discuss these plans and exchange ideas, and they would work diligently and pragmatically, step by step, to realize the plans and improve the welfare of people of across the strait. Tourism will flourish and Kinmen will see a boost in popularity during this process, and both sides of the strait can witness how a cross-strait free economic pilot zone can be set up.
The media asked Wang about her impression of this visit to Taiwan and Kinmen. She indicated that this time she came to Kinmen through the Mini Three-Links. Along the way, she was able to have intensive interactions with the people of Taiwan. She expressed her deep emotional affirmation that both sides of the strait are one family, and Fujian and Taiwan are siblings. The media also asked whether she brought more benefits for Kinmen. Wang said she had addressed this topic during her meeting with Magistrate Chen and they would work diligently, step by step, to ensure the welfare of the people!
Magistrate Chen mentioned that Yu Da-Wei, former Minister for National Defense was a granduncle of Yu Zhengsheng, Chairperson of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China. The relationship is recorded in the genealogy book, and the Yu family has deep roots in Kinmen. The Yu Da-Wei Memorial Museum is located in Banyan Park of Jinhu Township; he invited Wang to visit it. He also said he had met Yu Zhengsheng a few times, and they talked about topics on Kinmen’s exchanges with mainland China and Chen asked Yu to support his policies.
Moreover, Magistrate Chen put forward many items of exchange. The supply of electricity between Mainland China and Kinmen could follow the model of “water supply for Kinmen” and they should develop the plan vigorously, considering Kinmen’s potential and prospects for future development. It is particularly important that ways to broaden the exchange between Kinmen, Xiamen, and the rest of Fujian be discussed at the Cross-Strait CEO Summit, the Magistrate said.
Magistrate Chen emphasized that in the past, Kinmen was a battlefield, and now it is the bridge of peace across the strait; it is also a place of particular interest in the current state of cross-strait relations. The incident that the Gangtaitaijhou cargo ship stranded off Kinmen coast is a perfect example to showcase how cross-strait cooperation works, he said, and he shared the experience of how the stranding incident was resolved. Chen also stressed that the governments of Kinmen and Fujian of China would vigorously handle and resolve problems in accordance with the people’s wishes.
Wang and her delegation will inspect Kinmen’s water supply situation and visit Legislator Yang Cheng-Wu and the Kinmen County Council. She will conclude her brief visit to Kinmen in the afternoon and take the ferry service of the Mini-Three Links to leave for Xiamen. Kinmen will have more and more interactions with mainland China, and cross-strait exchanges will become more frequent, Magistrate Chen said, and the interaction will be of greater magnitude. However, he cautioned that policies need support to achieve breakthroughs, so that a win-win situation can be created.

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