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Amazing Kinmen (Lieyu) Half Marathon to Give Souvenirs Away as Gifts

Amazing Kinmen (Lieyu) Half Marathon to Give Souvenirs Away as Gifts

Reporter: Syu Jia-Tai/ Lieyu

The second Amazing Kinmen Half Marathon in five towns will kick off on the 19th of this month in Lieyu, announced yesterday in a press briefing. The township mayor, Hong Cheng-Fa, introduced the locally grown taro, local foods, and tourist spots in the press briefing and welcomed everyone to join the event to enjoy the unique local culture and experience the exceptional atmosphere.

The Second Amazing Kinmen Half Marathon, held by Kinmen Tourism Association, is to kick off at 7:30 A.M on the plaza of Jiougong Pier on Sunday, the 19th. There will be 724 participants joining this race. The hosts held the press briefing at 3:00 P.M yesterday at Jiougong Tourist Center in Lieyu. Hong Cheng-Fa, the township mayor, Li Ming-Pei, the deputy director of Kinmen Tourism Department, and Wu Jia-Jiang, the director of Kinmen Tourism Association were present at the briefing to inform the public of relevant information. People are being advised not to park their cars at the Jiougong Pier from the 18th to the 19th.

Mr. Hong thanked the hosts who held the event with a lot of efforts. He noted that the runners across the Strait are provided with the opportunity not only to exercise but also to enjoy the local culture of Lieyu and experience its beauty. It shall help boost tourism industry.

Wu Jia-Jiang stated that “the wind chicken’s hometown-Lieyu” would be the first station of this year’s race. In addition to the 724 registered runners, some participants from Xiamen led by female entrepreneurs of Xiamen city will also join the race. ARB-101 soldiers of Kinmen Defense Command will act as guide runners on the day, which shall attract more spotlights and stir up the atmosphere.y

The theme of this year’s marathon, which features 10K and 21K, is “Wind Lion,” stated Wu. In each race, every runner will receive a medal with a symbol of the wind lion that represents the host town. Once the runners complete five races, the five medals they receive can be pieced together into a larger image of the Wind Lion. Wu also expressed that, as suggested by the township mayor, the local produce is used as a souvenir, and the running route was re-arranged to cross the villages of Lieyu so runners can see the unique beauty of Little Kinmen clusters. Local people are friendly and passionate and will be cheering for the runners, said Wu.

Chen Hua-Heng, the secretary general of Chinese Taipei Road Running Association, also pointed out that the number of participants has increased every year; the number of runners has increased by 224 this year, compared to that last year. The race can be viewed as a mini international running event as the courses and the rules of the race, and the completion certificates were all devised according to international standards.

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  • Date:2018-01-02