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County Government Directors Meeting Discusses 10 Important Issues

County Government Directors Meeting Discusses 10 Important Issues
Reporter: Weng Wei-Chih / Kinmen County Government

Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-Tien, who was appointed to host his first directors meeting of the county government, said that he has had strong feelings over the past month, even though county administration involves a plethora of things to tackle, it is an undertaking, a service, and a responsibility. Of course, there will be a gap in people’s expectations of the government, which change as the environment changes, regardless of how hard the administration works, being fortunate enough to become a member of the administration means that he will exert every effort to carry out the magistrate’s orders. Besides fulfilling the duties of a staff member, he hopes to use every meeting to gain understanding with directors, to take the right path and do the right things to make Kinmen’s future even better!
He also said that the directors meeting is very costly and very important meeting, everyone can discuss how to streamline it and make it more effective, allowing the team to create synergistic effects. He hoped that everyone will propose innovative ideas that will benefit county government administration through brainstorming in each meeting, and at the very least show the spirit of professionalism at their posts, jointly facing issues and resolving issues. As to how to face the blame of citizens, he hoped to use wisdom and sincerity to resolve them. They will surely win the approval of citizens if they are willing to work hard.
During the meeting, they listened to reports on 10 issues that were resolved on during the last meeting, including typhoon preparedness, integrated marketing of the Liaoluo Bay crossing and tourism industry, large signboards of major constructions for promotion, discrepancies in land survey by the land administration department during early periods, pipeline construction for purchasing water from China, renovation of the surrounding environment of Zhuojia Chinese Medicine Clinic in Houpu, offshore island transportation, expedite the establishment of Kinmen doctors forum, mobile telephone base station, and compensation for Liaoluo Port workers.
Regarding typhoon preparedness, the Public Works Department pointed out that it requested township offices to step drainage clearance and road cleaning work in flood prone areas before the flood season, so as to maintain normal drainage functions of roads. As for the issue of insufficient drainage capacity of roads, which requires road renovation, reconstruction, or redesign of the road drainage system, the county government has already asked township offices to examine and submit plans for improving road drainage within their jurisdiction. Senior Executive Officer Weng Tzu-Pao indicated that according the magistrate’s instructions, related departments have been asked to examine flood prone areas and low-lying areas with poor drainage, hoping to organize images and give priority to proposing improvement plans. The deputy magistrate also indicated that drainage is very important and an issue that departments must jointly face, so as to prevent issues before they occur and reduce disaster damages; being better prepared after each typhoon is the government’s joint responsibility.
As for the Liaoluo Bay crossing and its integrated marketing with the tourism industry, Director-General Chen Mei-Ling of the Tourism Department hopes to package it with travel products for marketing, and carry out thorough planning in advance to expand marketing effects. Director-General Hsu Chih-Chung of the Economic Affairs Department said that the crossing is a niche market, and propaganda is very important to increasing its marginal benefits. Deputy Magistrate Wu also said that they must see results after spending time and money, we will show gratitude if there are good results, if not, then improvements must be made. He hopes to create win-win for the event and tourism industry through propaganda and integrating marketing with the tourism industry.
On the topic of setting up large signboards at road constructions or major construction projects, which help citizens understand the project’s contents, Deputy Magistrate Wu said: “We do a lot, but citizens know very little about it.” In fact, we are able to face the good and bad in the progress of many major construction projects, and will bravely shoulder the responsibility, but it would be a pity if misunderstandings are caused because we cannot let citizens understand what we are doing.
Concerning land survey discrepancies by the land administration department during early periods, which has raised disputes over land, Secretary General Lin Te-Kung requested the Land Administration Bureau give a clear explanation for citizens to understand. Due to the magnitude of rights and interests of citizens involved this issue, the Land Administration Bureau should form a task group as soon as possible and actively categorize, search for solutions, or commission experts and scholars to examine the feasibility of law revision.
In the Public Works Department’s report on the pipeline construction for purchasing water from China, according to the project ratified by the Executive Yuan, the entire construction will be carried out by the Kinmen side, and the pipelines will extend from Jinjiang to Kinmen. The overall construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, and the goal is to begin channeling water at the beginning of 2018. Regarding the application to hire Chinese ships and machinery for the pipeline construction, the Water Resources Agency sent several requests to the county government to comply with the Legislative Yuan’s resolution, which is summarized as “the contractor shall not hire Chinese ships, technicians and workers within Taiwan’s sea area, and the principle shall be given priority within the sea area of the other side.” In response, Deputy Magistrate Wu said that the cross-Strait pipeline construction has attracted international attention, what can be done now must be done first through coordination, do not be bound by the details, if a political solution and policy is required, he and Magistrate Chen will not avoid it and are willing to bear the responsibility; they will try to eliminate all difficulties to ensure the construction is successfully carried out, completed as scheduled and meet quality standards.
On the topic of mobile phone base stations, Deputy Magistrate Wu said that mobile phones are the future, and telecommunications is rapidly developing. Hence, related departments must dedicate greater thought and efforts into the communication and coordination with the agency responsible for evaluation and control of the progress of establishing joint base stations with government agencies, exerting effort to lift any concerns of both public and private sectors. Furthermore, the must use better communication to resolve difficulties and resolve the issue of poor signal in the area.
In addition, regarding the compensation for workers of Liaoluo Port, Senior Executive Officer Li Tseng-Tsai indicated that this is an old issue that has been postponed for over 20 years. Even though the new government upholds transitional justice and there may be an opportunity to reopen this case, without related measures and sufficient care in handling the issue, there will be even more side effects that cannot be cured. He suggested that related departments collect complete data from over the years and then give a report to the magistrate.
Secretary General Lin Te-Kung said that this is a product of history, but facts are facts and the county government has great sincerity in facing this issue. The government will also show sympathy and to the right thing to help citizens solve problems.
Departments also exchanged opinions on categories of official documents, guest reception, and whether or not to streamline meetings. Deputy Magistrate Wu said that this is a very important meeting in which the government makes decisions, everyone is under the same roof and also on the same boat, so he naturally hopes that everyone can speak their minds during the meeting, even if it is not what people like to hear. He hoped that they will advise and encourage each other to create synergistic effects, and make the government’s efforts more efficient.
Secretary General Lin Te-Kung said that the purpose of this meeting is to solve problems, listen to opinions, and agreed that the cost of meetings is too high. Whether or not it is necessary to have a meeting of directors and deputy directors is up for discussion. Hence, on whether or not the form of directors meetings should be adjusted, he suggested that for the 3 directors meetings and 1 county affairs meeting each month, the first week should still be attended by both directors and deputy directors, the second and third weeks only need to be attended by directors, and the fourth week’s county affairs meeting remain the same.
Furthermore, Lin Te-Kung also said that Magistrate Chen recently had a creative idea, encouraging staff members to think of slogans that will inspire people, raise morale, build a team spirit, and build a consensus among the public. This is a good idea that is good for Kinmen, and if everyone takes part, it will surely help raise the positive energy in Kinmen.

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  • Date:2016-12-08