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Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Attended the BRICS Summit Evening Gala by Invitation

Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai Attended the BRICS Summit Evening Gala by Invitation
Reporter: Yang Shuei-Yong / Xiamen

China holds the rotating presidency of the BRICS this year. The ninth BRICS Summit opened yesterday (September 4th) in Xiamen. President Xi Jinping of China chaired the summit and delivered a speech on “Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future”. Kinmen’s Magistrate Chen Fu-Hai, Legislator Yang Chen-Wu, Speaker Hung Li-Ping and Deputy Speaker Hsieh Tung-Lung of Kinmen Council were invited by the Xiamen City Government to attend the evening gala, interacting with the international leaders and VIPs while enjoying the performances and witnessing the historical moment. Through the platform of exchange founded upon the profound friendship between Kinmen and Xiamen, the two regions deepen their relationship and complement each other, thus improving Kinmen’s international visibility.
Magistrate Chen, Legislator Yang, Speaker Hung, and Deputy Speaker Hsieh boarded the Mini Three-Link passenger liner from the Shuitou Pier of Kinmen at 1:30 p.m. yesterday and soon arrived at Xiamen. Upon entering the downtown area of Xiamen, the tranquil streets greeted the visitors, without the hustle and bustle normally seen in a city, presenting the unique beauty and atmosphere of the garden city.
According to the Xiamen media, this is the ninth summit of the BRICS leaders since its establishment. President Temer of Brazil, President Zuma of South Africa, Prime Minister Modi of India, and President Putin of Russia arrived at Xiamen International Conference Center one after another. President Xi greeted them warmly at the Center, shook hands with each of them and had a group photograph taken.
Before attending the BRICS Summit evening gala held at the Banlam Grand Theater last night, Magistrate Chen and his delegation had a dinner meeting with Sun Shengliang, Deputy Director of the Liaison Department of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC; Wang Ling, Director of the Fujian Branch of Taiwan Affairs Office; and Huang Heming, Director of the Xiamen Branch of Taiwan Affairs Office. During the meeting, a dialogue was conducted on the exchange of Kinmen, Xiamen, and Fujian. Magistrate Chen stated that after the BRICS Summit, Kinmen and Fujian would deepen the friendship even further. Brighter light would shed on Kinmen and Xiamen. In the future, the cross-strait policies shall be even more effective.
Yang mentioned that during his office in the Transportation and Tourism Bureau and in the Tourism Department, Kinmen and Xiamen jointly promoted tourism in various provinces and cities in China in hopes of drawing more tourists from other provinces to Kinmen and Xiamen, and hence improving the tourism market, the industries, and the economy. Magistrate Chen said that there have been many touching stories about Kinmen and Xiamen working together. At the same time, Yang wished that more lenient cross-strait policies could be adopted so that there may be more opportunities for exchanges across the strait.
Wang Ling, Director of the Fujian Branch of Taiwan Affairs Office, pointed out that after the BRICS Summit, surely lots of people would want to visit Xiamen to explore its charm as the host city of the summit as well as its beauty as the garden city. In addition, Xiamen is an ecological garden city with extraordinary beauty where man and nature harmoniously co-exist.
Magistrate Chen stated that he hoped that the tourists who visit the BRICS host city, Xiamen, would also visit Kinmen and thus stimulate the tourism industry of the island. Speaker Hung stated that visitors to Kinmen would be able to feel the relaxed, easy-going and healthy way of life in Kinmen. She also mentioned that Zhang Zhijun, Minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC, once said that he would like to visit Kinmen upon retirement to feel the relaxed and ecological lifestyle there.
The acronym “BRIC” comes from the first alphabet of the names of its four member countries, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The Chinese translation of the term is based upon the similarity of its pronunciation to the English word “brick”. In December 2010, South Africa was officially invited to join the alliance upon agreement by the original four members. The acronym was then changed to “BRICS”.
Xi chaired a small meeting and a larger meeting of BRICS leaders yesterday. The small meeting focused mainly on issues such as the world economy, global economic governance, international and regional hotspot issues, and national security and development. The larger meeting focused on deepening BRICS cooperation, promoting cultural exchanges, and enhancing institutional establishment.
From the first BRIC Summit in Russia in 2009 to the current ninth summit in Xiamen, the BRICS members have strengthened their cooperation and continually expanded the fields of cooperation. A multi-level structure of practical cooperation in numerous fields such as economy and trade, finance, education, technology, culture, and think tanks was formed, guided by the Summit, and supported by the meetings of the national Security Advisors, Foreign Ministers and other ministerial meetings, such as Financial Ministers and governors of the central banks. BRICS cooperation mechanisms such as the New Development Bank, Contingent Reserve Arrangement, Business Council and Think Tank Council have been established. From the initial statement of principles to practical actions, from international affairs to international political hotspots, from mutual cooperation to active participation in global governance, BRICS continually deepened their pragmatic cooperation and gained recognition and influence globally.
Xi stated in his opening speech that, he was very excited about this event as he once held an office in Xiamen. He introduced Xiamen in great detail to the international guests, including the economy, culture, history, and development. He also praised Xiamen for its economic and trade developments as well as for its extraordinary beauty. An online comment from a Xiamen resident stated that Xiamen has come to what it is like today thanks to the diligent work and sentiment that President Xi once dedicated here and that even today, Xi still cares about this small seaside city. As an ordinary resident of Xiamen, he truly feels happy and proud.
In addition, another Xiamen resident commented online that as President Xi said, the Hokkien people have the spirit of always forging ahead. The people in Xiamen would also hold on to the spirit of the popular Hokkien folk song “Hard Work Reaps Victory” and dedicate themselves to create a better future for the city. The people of Xiamen can do better! Another online comment from Xiamen said that Xiamen is a high-quality city of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as a beautiful ecological garden city where man and nature harmoniously co-exist. After President Xi introduced Xiamen to the world, it is believed that Xiamen has become even more beautiful and gained an incredible amount of fondness.

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  • Date:2017-12-12