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Kinmen to Strengthen its Security for the Upcoming BRICS Summit 2017

Kinmen to Strengthen its Security for the Upcoming BRICS Summit 2017
Reporter: Li Zeng-Wang / County Government
The BRICS Summit 2017 will take place in Xiamen from September 3rd to September 5th. Magistrate of Kinmen County, Chen Fu-Hai, organized a meeting with the departments that are in charge of public security to ensure the county’s security. Magistrate Chen stressed that in order to facilitate a peaceful development and communications between Taiwan and China, it is important to strengthen the county’s security, collaboratively fight crimes, and construct a friendly environment.
Magistrate Chen also emphasized that the Kinmen County Police Bureau currently does not have enough human resources. The Kinmen County Government will do their best to seek additional funds from the National Police Agency. Magistrate Chen said that the government will provide sufficient budget, equipment, and its full support. He also praised the Police Bureau ‘s excellent performance in solving the criminal case concerning the robbery of the chief representative of the Jincheng Township Elected Representatives. He commented that the government will not leave any criminals at large.
At 9:00 am yesterday, the security meeting in preparation for the BRICS Summit 2017 was held in the 1st conference room of the County Hall and hosted by Magistrate Chen. The Senior Executive Officer, Wong Zih-Bao, as well as the chief officers or representatives from the public security departments of the central government in Kinmen and other regions and the Kinmen County Government all attended the meeting. During the meeting, Magistrate Chen issued reward bonuses (incentives) to the members of the Criminal Investigation Corps to show the government’s appreciation for their effort put in to solve the robbery case and their dedication to public security.
The Police Bureau pointed out that when there are international meetings or events, a high volume of people will move into the area. As a result, there will be more complex security threats, or even new threats that have never happened before. The high visibility of these events always attracts mass media from all over the world. With the presence of the international mass media, the area also becomes a desirable place for dissident groups to demonstrate and seek attention so that their claims can be reported on TV.
During the meeting, Magistrate Chen reminded all the participants that they need to learn the lessons from the 2017 Summer Universiade, be extremely cautious, adopt preventive measures, and make sure the strictest security controls are in place in order to maintain top security in the area.
In addition to discussing the progress, details, and results for the preparation of the BRICS Summit 2017, the participants talked about several work items that had already been implemented but still need to be improved. Any events, people, timings, locations, and objects that might pose security threats were also discussed. Magistrate Chen urged every participating department to monitor each work item, pay extra attention to details, and be highly thorough and detail-oriented in their work.
The meeting then proceeded to the recent robbery case of the chief representative of the Jincheng Township Elected Representatives. Following the magistrate’s instructions, the case was solved swiftly. The Police Bureau demonstrated its capability and efficiency in solving cases. The suspect was arrested and detained with permission within 3 hours after the robbery. The Director of the Police Bureau, Syu Cing-Fong, stated that similar cases have not happened in Kinmen before. The Police Bureau arrested and referred all the other culprits to the court within 10 days. Some of the apprehended criminals were locals, and the others were citizens from the Taiwan island. A comprehensive analysis on the crime process, pattern, and method revealed that the suspects needed money urgently and decided to rob the chief representative on impulse. This was not a planned crime.
Syu stated that the security agencies in Kinmen have formed rigid law enforcement protocols. The agencies host meetings regularly to exchange information and have comprehensive collaborative mechanisms. The law enforcement agencies are capable and determined to strengthen the county’s security. Syu urged that people should not try their luck and break the law. The law enforcement agencies will follow the law strictly with no exceptions.
In preparation for the BRICS Summit 2017, the Kinmen County Government has already had three meetings. All three meetings were convened and organized by Magistrate Chen. Director Syu was the deputy convener. Magistrate Chen instructed the departments that Kinmen county’s security must be strengthened during the summit; each department should strive to implement safety-related work, such as public security maintenance and traffic control. Magistrate Chen also asked the departments of the central government in Kinmen to assist the Kinmen County Government in border security checks, preventive measures against airborne objects, controls on unmanned aerial vehicles, training for fishermen, as well as seizing illicit trafficking and smuggling. The departments of the central government in Kinmen promised that they will fully cooperate.
Magistrate Chen also stressed the fact that Kinmen is in a pivotal location between Taiwan and China. Throughout its history, Kinmen has always been the very first place where cross-strait development started. Kinmen has various types of soft power that attracts the world’s attention. Excellent public security is one example of Kinmen’s soft power. No matter what the future holds, Kinmen needs to maintain its own public security to ensure prosperous development.
According to the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Kinmen County Police Bureau, BRICS (acronym for the association of Brazil, Russian, India, China, and South Africa) had their 8th summit in Goa, India in 2016. Xi Jinping, president of the People's Republic of China, announced at that time: “China will be hosting the BRICS summit in 2017. The summit will take place in Xiamen, China in September 2017.” BRICS’s economic and political influences in the world are crucial. First, as the major emerging markets, BRICS represent 26% of the world’s territory; 42% of the world’s total population; 21% of the world’s GDP, 15% of the world’s trade value, and 50% of the world’s economic growth (data from 2016).
Second, BRICS are the leading countries of the emerging countries. Countless countries (including regimes) work with BRICS. In the 8th BRICS Summit in Goa, the hosting country, India, extended its invitation to several developing countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The BRICS Summit is as important as the G7 Summit in the international arena.
Topic related to economic development and regional (world) peace, such as trade partnership, agricultural research collaboration, customs enforcement collaboration, collaborative development, international bank establishment, foreign affairs university collaboration, economic recovery, anti-terrorism, have been discussed during the past summits. The countries also signed corresponding memorandums. BRICS’s collaborative model and potential synergy effects might have a significant impact on the world’s political and economic outlooks. Therefore, the BRICS Summits have received wide media coverage all over the world.

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  • Date:2017-12-12